Wife Demands a Stop To Internet Marketing

Stop Internet MarketingBack in 2007 Kevin was living the dream.

A Masters of Business Administration graduate, Kevin was earning two hundred thousand plus a year living the good life.

Kevin would take frequent business trips with his family, owned a wonderful home and the headhunters called weekly.

But this all changed in 2008 when our economy crashed.

After losing his job the phone calls from recruiters came to a screeching stop.

Now desperate to earn a living to provide for his family, Kevin turned to Internet Marketing.

I began by buying those too good to be true programs that promised fast and easy money on the Internet. Then I started buying those automatic tools that promised first place listings. I was spending thousands of dollars a month trying to learn this stuff and nothing was working.”

This is when Kevin’s wife put her foot down and demanded that he stop this craziness and told him to find a real job.

It came to the point that I was begging my parents and even my daughter to lend me money so I could pay the rent to keep a roof over our head, I went from earning six figure salary to a part time hourly minimum wage paycheck

But Kevin never gave up his new dream to launching his own successful home-based Internet Marketing business.

Two weeks ago Kevin attended our free monthly SEO and Internet Marketing Meetup and listened to our guest speaker Andrew Polanski, who laid out from A to Z how he created his own local niche marketing business, earning $450,000 in only 3 months.

It all came together listening to Andrew. It was like finding that missing piece to a puzzle. It was then that I realized what I needed to do to become successful in Internet Marketing and signed up for Andrew’s Local Niche Power training.”

After Kevin’s wife went to work, Kevin began watching the first video and right in the middle shut off his computer and picked up the phone.

I wanted to test the waters, to see if what Andrew was doing would actually work, so I called an old business acquaintance and asked if I could build him a website to market his local business and if he lease it and pay me a commission.”

Kevin was in shock as to what happened next.

His old business acquaintance was not only interested but was ecstatic as his company was in the process of launching a new product in the coming weeks and booked an appointment with Kevin on Friday to sign a contract.

Kevin downloaded the legal contracts from module 6 of Local Niche Power, and edited them for his Friday appointment.

Then Thursday Kevin got an unexpected telephone call.

The caller explained that he had just finished playing a round of golf at the Scottsdale Country Club.

The caller related that Kevin’s old associate was so excited about Kevin’s new service that he was telling all his golfing buddies.

Kevin booked his second appointment.

On Friday Kevin signed his first client to a 10% commission marketing a $400,000 product/service.

I was so proud of Kevin that on Saturday I jumped into my Cessna and flew Kevin out to my home just so I could shoot this video for you.

During this 11-minute video Kevin explains his experiences as an Internet Marketer and how this program has changed his life forever.

Are you ready to change your life for the better as Andrew and now Kevin has done?

If so take the next step and sign up now for Andrew Polanski’s Local Niche Power online training.

Certified Master SEO Instructor by the Search Engine Academy and CEO and founder of SEO Training SW.
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