SEO Mom is Devastated!

Imaging your 19 year old son who just graduated high school at the top of his class, who also has scholarships to attend a prestigious university tells you that he wants to put his education on hold because of some “crazy” new online business that he had started.

Wouldn’t this just devastate you as a parent?

This is exactly how Andrew Polanski’s mother felt just a few weeks ago.

Let me explain.

Back in April Andrew was one of our students attending the Local Search Workshop. In May he came back for our Affiliate Marketing Workshop.

In June Andrew called me. He was very excited and said that he “discovered a niche that had a very profitable product and his first website was already ranking high in Google.”

He also told me that he had just signed a contract to leases this site to local businesses for $800 a month.

The following month Andrew called me back to tell me that sales were going so well for this client that they “begged” him to build 4 other websites for other cities they were located in. To make it even better they we willing to pay him for performance, offering 10% for each sale that closed.

Andrew called his family’s business attorney, who drew up a contract and had it signed by his new client.

Andrew then went to work basically duplicating his first site, only changing the content “here and there” and launched the 4 new sites in less than 2 hours.

Then three weeks ago Andrew came to our office excited, explaining that he had just topped the $450,000 mark in commissions from those 5 sites but he had a HUGE problem.

Andrew’s HUGE Problem

Andrew related that he had decided to put his (free) college education on hold while he built out this new business.

But he knew when he broke this news to his parents that they would be devastated.

At first my wife Margie and I were very against the idea of him throwing away such an opportunity and imagined the “nasty” phone call from Andrew’s mom. We imagined she would be asking why we were encouraging her son to take up such a crazy idea.

We took a step back, seeing that Andrew was getting an education of a lifetime launching and perhaps becoming the CEO of his own multi-million dollar company.

Andrew did break the news the following day to his parents and his mom took it the hardest.

Both mom and dad related that they supported him in his venture, and told him how proud they were of his accomplishments.

But they did make him promise that he would follow through with his college education at his first opportunity.

Andrew Shares His Wealth

If you developed a strategy that made you $450,000 richer in only 3 months would you be willing to share it?

Andrew has.

And this is the one thing that I am most proud of Andrew.

az seo seminar

Before a standing room only audience at our Phoenix SEO and Internet Marketing Meetup Andrew laid out his strategy from A to Z.

Andrew first explained his process on how he finds profitable local niches and how he develops his site using WordPress and the Catalyst theme, why he was using Blue Host for hosting and the process he used to optimize the site for local search.

He then related his strategy on how he finds local businesses who would lease the website(s) and the contracts he had developed with his attorney.

And once the site is operational he explained how he obtained real reviews for the local listings from the client(s) and how he automated the process of posting the reviews and citations.

Andrew then answered a number of questions from our SEO Meetup.

The background of our SEO Meetup members varies from some having very little background not even launching their first website, to very savvy marketers.

But everyone that attended Andrew’s presentation made the same comment once he finished “This is something I could easily do too and make money online

Local SEO Training

Therefore we have teamed up with Andrew to bring you, Local Niche Power.

Now you can use this same exact strategy that Andrew used to bank 6 figures in 3 months!


Check out Local Niche Power by clicking  here now!

Certified Master SEO Instructor by the Search Engine Academy and CEO and founder of SEO Training SW.
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