Are your videos optimized for SEO?

With YouTube being the 2nd largest search engine in the world it’s not only important to create videos for your perspective audience but to also properly optimize them to get the maximum exposure in organic search.

Here are our proven 7 SEO Tips for optimizing your videos:

1 – Keyword Research: Keyword research is the cornerstone of all Internet Marketing. Spend the extra time to discover some of those long tail keyword terms (phrases usually 3 to 5 words long) that convert well and have a high conversion.

Example: As an affiliate marketer in the radar detector niche, once a new radar detector hits the marketplace I will typically create several video reviews with the focus keywords focusing on the brand and the model number of the detector.

In this example my focus keyword term is: Escort IQ radar detector. Note: I have 3 of the top 4 results in Google.











2 – Use Keywords to Name Your Video File: Prior to uploading your video to YouTube, or any other video hosting service, rename your video.

Make sure that you use keywords in your title that are both relevant to your business and the topic of your video.

One of the videos in the above example is named: Passport-IQ-Radar-Escort-Radar-Detector-Review.mp4

3 – Use Keywords in Your Video Title: By default YouTube will use the file name of your video as the title, if you renamed your video as described in #2 all you would need to do is remove the dashes and the file extension (.mp4).

YouTube will allow you up to 99 characters, but you want to use your most important keywords at the beginning of the title. We do this for 2 reasons:

a)   Google may tunicate your title in their SERPs (Google Search Engine Result Pages),

b)   Keyword prominence (most important words come first)

4 – Video Description: YouTube allows up to 5,000 characters to describe your video, think of it as a mini blog post using both compelling copy and your target keywords.

Include a link to your website along with a call to action. The link will automatically be turned into a clickable hyperlink, no HTML code is needed.

5 – Tags: The tag area is another opportunity to tell YouTube exactly what keywords your video is all about.

Use quotes to tag the various keyword phrases you wish your video to rank for.

6 – Broadcasting and Sharing Options

  • Privacy– Many Internet Marketers will upload a batch of videos and set them to private until their official launch date.I also use to private sharing until I’m sure that the video will render properly and that I have my thumbnail selected.
  • License – By selecting the Creative Commons License you are allowing others to copy and distribute your video as long as they give you credit as the publisher.
  • Comments – Encourage your audience to leave comments about your products, services and videos.
    Comment Voting – By allowing comment voting your audience can vote on other comments.
  • Video Responses –Video responses allows your audience to add their response by tagging one of their videos.
  • Ratings – Your visitors ratings have a direct impact on your rankings, so make sure you have this set to “yes”
  • Embedding – By allowing embedding, you are giving permission to allow other blogs, forums and other websites to embed your video on their website.

Syndication – Anything that will boost your views will help you get your video higher rankings, so set this to yes.

7 – Getting Views

The amount of views your video receives is an important ranking factor. In order to be counted as a view the first 8 seconds of your video must be played.

To get over this 8 second hump you will want to make sure that the first 8 seconds is:

  • Engaging enough to hold a viewers interest
  • Entertaining enough to cause viewers to promote your video on other channels such as: Facebook, Twitter,  and other social media sites.

Certified Master SEO Instructor by the Search Engine Academy and CEO and founder of SEO Training SW.
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