My Recovery from Writer’s Block

writers blockTypically when I begin writing our SEO Tip of the Week each Sunday, I start by scanning though SEO and Internet Marketing RSS feeds, scan our email for interesting questions and now include reading the latest posts from other SEO experts in our industry in Google Plus.

After jotting down a few ideas I typically get into the proper frame of mind and publish a new article that hopefully you and our audience finds helpful.

However this past week has been difficult.

Our beloved Frankie, a four-year-old German Shepard passed away unexpectedly and our family vacation to the Black Hills of South Dakota is only 2 weeks away.

So I sat here what seemed to be hours staring at a computer screen seemly paralyzed, unable to push a key on my keyboard, then it hit me!

I was suffering from a sever case of Writer’s Block!

I’m sure that as an Internet Marketer yourself that you have experience the same ailment a time or two in your career and what I find, as a quick cure is a short walk or ATV ride out in the desert around my home.

However with today’s temperature topping 110 degrees each time I stepped out, my mind quickly shifted to being someplace more hospitable in the summer like Alaska.

Wanting to get snapped out of this funk I reached out to a couple of folks who expressed an interest in learning SEO and Internet Marketing and asked them what they felt their biggest obstacle was in getting started and surprisingly do you know what their answer was?

It was the same thing I was suffering from, the paralysis of figuring out what to write about, the crippling writers block syndrome!

Then it hit me! Let’s write an article this week on 5 tips of overcoming writers block.

5-Tips To Recover from Writer’s Block

  • Take a Walk: The 1st thing I do when the weather is more hospitable. Grab a pen, notepad, or a voice recorder and take a walk around your neighborhood.
  • Take a Trip: This one will require you to travel a bit further away then your neighborhood and take some time off. Go do something you enjoy but remember to take along your journal.
  • Listen to Tunes: Listen to some of your favorite music and if the urge hits you (and no one is looking) do some dancing and get those creative juices pumping.
  • Talk to People: Reach out and talk to people that are interested in your products and/or services. Find out what is holding them back, what problems and/or concerns they have.
  • One Word: Go to This website will give you 1 word and you have 60 seconds to write something about it.
  • Don’t be Critical: Criticism is NOT ALLOWED!  It is not productive and it will not solve your writer’s block. If you don’t feel your article is ready for publication, put it down and comeback later to work on it.

What are some of your tips to overcome writer’s block?
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17th July 2011 4 Comments

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