What Was Your Turning Point in Internet Marketing?

Being involved in Internet Marketing for over 15 years I often look back at the road traveled during this incredible journey to help me gain perspective of what I’ve learned and where I hope to be in the years ahead.

Internet Marketing Brainstorming Poolside – SEO Training Mastermind

This past weekend we held a 2-day get together and brainstorming session for our Mastermind members and thought it would be fun to ask each what they thought their biggest turning point was in developing their own online business, here are some of their responses:

Matt: Eight months ago Matt quit his full time job, sold his condo and cashed in his investment portfolio to begin his online journey by building his own e-commerce store.

Matt related that his biggest win was when he made his first online sale and knew he would be successful.

Randy: Randy jumped feet first into Internet Marketing in January of this year after attending one of our Internet Marketing Meet-Ups and within this short time frame is in the final stages of launching three new online businesses that would complement his existing brick and mortar business.

Randy related that his biggest turning point was joining our mastermind where he has the opportunity to brainstorm with other like-minded entrepreneurs.

Bill P. – Bill began his own SEO consulting business in the Philadelphia area several years ago.

Bill related that his biggest turning point came earlier this year when he landed his first six figure a year client, which afforded his family the opportunity to have his wife quit her job and join him in his business.

Bill B. – You may have thought Bill had it made holding the VP position at a NYC tech company but the level of stress was tearing him apart.

In 2000 he launched an online forum and began his journey as an affiliate marketer.

Bill related that his turning point came when he was able to get his site to the first page of Google and quit working for “the man” and began working for himself.

Ira – Ira launched his business website over ten years ago which then promoted his brick and mortar retail store in the Philadelphia area.

However during the economic meltdown of 2007, he was forced to shut down his retail location and then focused his attention in turning his website into a e-commerce store.

Ira related that his turning point came when he first realized that he and his family could survive the economic tsunami with his online store and now is doing very well.

Claudia – Claudia also fell victim to the economic crisis of 2007 with her brick and mortar home fashion business but also survived by starting her own online business offering online training.

Claudia’s biggest turning point was discovering to focus on the 20% of her business that made her the most money and to outsource the other 80%.

Discussing Affiliate Marketing – SEO Mastermind 07-10-2011

After reading some of our Mastermind member’s turning points in their Internet Marketing career you maybe thinking that mine was selling my first online business for over 7 figures, but you would be wrong!

Looking back the last 15 years in my online journey the biggest turning point came when one of my first students in Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization who was in her 60’s quit her $8.00 an hour job 6 months after taking our SEO workshop after obtaining the #1 position in Google and 6 months later became an online millionaire!

What do you think your biggest turning point in your online journey has been?

We would love it if you shared it with us.

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