SEO Outsourcing Tips and Start Ranking Now!

What is holding you back in building a six figure a year or more online business?

One of the biggest mistakes I see many Internet Marketers make is doing all the work themselves, not outsourcing.

Luckily for Nichole Munoz she figured this out early into her Internet Marketing career, building several online businesses all while working with her husband at a Mission on the outskirts of Mexico City.

I first became acquainted with Nichole in 2007, a year after her launch of her first online business, a website that sells camping equipment.

When Nichole first became interested in Internet Marketing she was bedridden, pregnant with their second child.

Nichole’s first website was a Yahoo store selling camping equipment and orders were initially all drop shipped from a US based distributor.

Within a month her website landed on the first page of Yahoo and sales began to take off.

Money was very tight for Nichole and her husband Arturo and they had a very difficult decision to make, should they reinvest their profits into their business or spend it on things they could use for the family.

Thankfully, they reinvested it into their business.

Nichole purchased other search engine optimization courses, learned about outsourcing and began building up her own army who built out her website and improved her search engine optimization.

With sales doubling each month, six months later she got a telephone call from her distributor telling her that they were unable to keep up with her all orders and that she would have to find another company to fulfill them.

Instead she contacted the manufactures directly, but they told her that they wouldn’t drop ship. As she and her family were in Mexico, this posed a big problem.

So she made arrangements with her father who lived in San Diego and had the products sent to his home where he would then ship out the merchandise after he got off work.

But this plan only worked for a couple weeks. Nichole’s father couldn’t park his car in his garage anymore because of all the canoes, tents and other camping equipment that was stuffed inside and there wasn’t enough time after working his full time job to get all the orders out.

So Nichole rented a small warehouse and she hired her uncle full time to fulfill the orders.

It was about this time that Nichole and I first met and we first decided to use her team of outsourcers for several of our client’s projects and her second business launched, Start Ranking Now.

Over the course of the past several years Start Ranking Now has also exploded and Nichole is now in the process of opening her first US based location in Dallas and hiring new full time staff.

This past week Nichole and Arturo came out to our offices and implemented a strategy in combining our talents and teams on several projects.

One new project that Nichole and I will be working on is a video based training course and workshop on outsourcing that we will launch in this fall.

We also have combined our team of article writers and link builders enabling us to offer a larger portfolio of high quality properties to our SEO clients.

While Nichole and Arturo were here, we thought it would be a great opportunity for you to meet Nichole yourself and we put together the following 11 minute video about Nichole’s journey in Internet Marketing while she also offers you a few SEO Outsourcing tips on how you to can use to take your business to that next level.

Certified Master SEO Instructor by the Search Engine Academy and CEO and founder of SEO Training SW.
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