Facebook Changes the Rules Again, Are You Ready?

Don’t you just hate it when once you finally get something figured out that someone comes around and changes all the rules?

This is just the case with Facebook as they are changing the rules this weekend as they will no longer allow the creation and in some case the modification of custom FBML pages or tabs and instead move toward the implementation of using iFrames,

For those of you that already have custom content on your Facebook Places Pages it is important to note that you will not lose any of the content that you have already created and you will still be able to edit the content, however you will not be able to add any new FBML tabs or pages.

Like many of our readers, the thought of having to learn a more complex system to teach at our SEO seminars and for use on our clients sites sounded a bit overwhelming so last night we started looking around the web to find a solution that was both simple, affordable and easy to understand.

Just hours before we began our search a new application was launched by Wildfire Interactive called Fan Gate iFrames for Pages.

We downloaded it to try it out on our Facebook Radar Detector Review page and in less than 30 minutes we had their new application installed and operational.

Another nice plus is this application is FREE for the next three months and those who start using the application now will be grandfathered in as free when they do start charging.

Fan Gate allows you to create a custom image for your landing pages or custom HTML so we began the process by creating two custom images, one for Non-Fans view and one for Fans view.

The main reason to have unique Facebook Places welcome pages is to encourage non-fans to become members by pressing the like button. This then allows your posts to show their Facebook wall and allows you to send messages to their Facebook e-mail account.

So remember to have an incentive and a call to action on your non-member image so that they follow through and also your image must be 502 pixels wide.

So in our example the incentive for our non-members to press the Like Button was getting a 10% off discount and to also receive notification of other special offers.

The next image we created was a welcome screen for our members and again our intent is to move them off the Facebook Fan page and onto our main website to spend money.

After we created the images we then went to Wildfires Website to install the application.

Next the iFrames application will ask you for your permissions within Facebook to install the application.

Once you allow this, you are then asked to select the fan page that you wish to add the application to.

Next you’re asked for your contact information.

After completing this form and agreeing to Wildfires terms and conditions you will then get the next page, which is a dashboard to control the application.

  1. Fan Gate on or off. When “on” is checked, non-fans will see different content. When you check “off” the page will show the same content to both fans and non-fans:
  2. Fans view – where you can upload a custom image directly from your desktop and Wildfire will host it for you. Or if you select the Custom HTML option, you’ll see a small field to enter your code (ideally created in a WYSIWYG editor).
  3. Non-Fans view – ditto above! Use an image or HTML.

Once you have inserted all the content for your fans and non-fans all you need to do is press the Save and Preview button and your done.

You can see this application live on our Facebook radar detector review page to see the final results.

Please let me know if you choose this app or if you integrated another by using the comment area bellow and what your thoughts area, we would love to share them.

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