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Facebook Places

As all of you Facebook Fanatics have recently heard, Facebook has just launched its very own local “Check-In” style service….called PLACES.


Basically this is very similar to another well known local feature service called Foursquare, which allow users to “check-in” where they are currently.

Facebooks new places is powered by the major local database engine Localeze.   So all you business owners and Managers, make sure that your clients have accurate and updated info in their localize account.

If you do not see the video below please make sure that you are signed in using the form to the right of this article with your username and password (username is not your email address) if you are not a member you can enroll Here.



When a Facebook Places User “Checks-in”, their info is immediately blasted back onto their wall and onto their friends’ feeds.  So soon you will see on your Facebook Wall notices like  “Aunt Ruthie just checked in at Billy’s Bingo Night.  Exciting right!

Not only will you be able to “Check-in” to a location, you will also be able to see what your friends have said about that location, current news, details, pictures, and a list of other people that have recently checked in.

So as business owners and SEO Geeks, please claim you Facebook Places listing, just like you would with Google Places.

Those of you who are smarter than the rest of us have immediately recognized the SEO Value of using this feature, but lets look at what this will actually mean?

As of today there are over 150 million MOBILE Facebook users, that will now have the ability to not only say “What I am Doing”, but they will also be able to add a further dimension of “Where I am doing it”

Also think of the value for the business owner,  I am sure down the road that Facebook will allow targeted ads for “Past and Current people that have checked in to your business.”   This will allow pinpointed advertising to past clients that as of today isn’t possible.

This will make Facebooks presence in the Real, Everyday World a Significant one, it is a very important step in incorporating both sides of the market place.  The buyer and the seller in current but relevant ways.

Now before you go running out of your office yelling “Google is Dead, Google is dead” Lets just stop and think about the significance of this.

The main challenge that is facing any type of Social Media and Local company integration is will the mainstream public want to use it.  I call it the “Mother in Law” test.  Would my mother-in-law be able to figure it out and not only that…USE IT.

We are way to early in the process of Facebook Places to be able to even see if there is any value in this service.  But what it does do is allow the current HALF A BILLION users on Facebook to be able to at least see the idea of “Checking-In”.

So bottom line – Go claim your business, and take it for a spin.  As with every other “Brand NEW” launch, it can’t hurt unless you don’t try it.

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