Whats in Your Secret Sauce?

If you’re involved in Internet Marketing I’m sure that you have asked yourself at least once “Why do all those websites rank before my website and what is the secret to their success?”

Well honestly, it is no secret at all and I’ll explain why.

A few weeks ago I posted an article about the WordPress Challenge about writing and publishing at least one new post a week on your website/blog and how this would help your website get better indexing in the search engines and ultimately get you more traffic, followers and ultimately sales.

Therefore I was a little taken back after our free SEO and Internet Marketing MeetUp we held this past week here in Phoenix when I was approached by several of our members who expressed their resistance in joining me in this challenge because they related that their business goal was to compete on price to sell more of their stuff.

Unlike most people I don’t believe that the lower price model is a driver for sales, in fact when I owned and managed the RadarBusters network my prices were typically higher then my competitors.

My success came from offering easy navigation on my website, our complete 60 day satisfaction guarantee and most importantly my success in creating trust and desire with our customers.

And what was the secret sauce, which I used to create this trust and desire? It was of CONTENT we had on our website.

So if you’re still resistant to join me in posting at least one article a week on your blog, here are five simple tips that I hope will change your mind and hopefully make this process a little easier for you.

#1 Create More Content: More content on your website will ultimately lead to higher rankings, rankings for longer tail keywords, more traffic and then more sales. Just commit to writing one article a week that perhaps will take you an hour to write, it will pay off.

#2 Start Thinking Outside of the Box: Content is more then slapping together a 300-word article on your blog post. I moment I finishing posting my article for the week, I begin thinking about next week’s article.

Think about what is happening in the news, current events, your observations and conversations and spin them into your posts.

Also think about using video, audio, and images and summarize posts from others in your niche. Perhaps post an article about a recent seminar or webinar that you just attended.

#3 Get Over the Fear: Early in my career in law enforcement I had a terrible fear of speaking in public so I joined a local Toastmasters Club and almost 30 years later I’m still a member as not only have I found helpful to overcome my fear of speaking but that it also helped me gather my thoughts when I write articles such as this and then to spin it into a interesting and engaging story.

The bottom line, just do it!

Stop worrying about what other people may think and write that story you have been thinking about the last few months. Sure some people will hate it but I’m sure that there will be someone out there that will enjoy it and hopefully come back for more.

#4 Go Mobile: During Matt Cutt’s Pubcon Keynote address he stressed the importance of embracing mobile marketing.

Facebook Places, Groupon, Woot are just a few examples of social shopping and the direction we are moving toward.  Begin thinking on ways that you can start engaging this new audience. Is there an iPhone app that you can develop for your business, is there away that you can integrate SMS messaging to your list?

#5 Don’t Forget Social: Social media is more then updating your status on Facebook or sending out a tweet. Think about what content that your audience is interested in that they will be willing to share with their friends and families that will drive them to your website.

Now if you’re reading this article on our website I would like to ask a special favor from you and that is if you do enjoy it please press the Facebook like button on the top of this article and share it with your friends and family and consider subscribing for our free SEO Tip of the week by entering your name and email address to the right of this video.

Also please consider adding your comments in the comment area below.

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