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Typically we don’t do case studies on our student and/or client websites when it comes to Search Engine Optimization and what we are actively doing to promote the website in the Search Engines so I thought that it would be fun to do this with one of our own new websites,

We purchased the domain name in August of 2010 with the intention of creating a new website in the radar detector niche that was to be an affiliate website for

The domain name was first registered by a company in China, but in our research through the Wayback Machine it appears that there had never been an active website on the domain.

We began the process of developing a website for this domain in September, by creating over 200 pages of content for the news area (blog) and also writing reviews for various radar detectors and shooting new videos for our YouTube Channel.

We also updated an E-Book that I had created several years back is a 48-page buyers guide for radar detectors and offered this as a free download.

In December we began development of the actual website using WordPress and created a custom theme that was using the MyReview Plug in.

On December 18th we had our official launch.

You can read more about the development and initial launch here.

A few days after launch, we began appearing in Google’s SERPS with the following rankings for these keyword phrases and averaging 1600 click troughs to the website the first week.

  • Radar Detectors – #33
  • Radar Detector Reviews – #12
  • Escort IQ Radar Detector Review- #2
  • Radar Roy – #1

On Site Back SEO Linking

It is always easier to create backlinks using anchor tagged keyword phrases from your own website, so step one was going through the hundreds of pages that we had created and linking them to the pages that we wanted to drive traffic to.

Off Site SEO Backlinking

Off site SEO is basically identify websites that you can get backlinks from, so we began this campaign by using SEO Spyglass to identify the major backlinks from our competitors.

We then fired this list off to our link building team who immediately went to work building our backlinks.

In less then 30 days, the Yahoo Site Explorer shows that our team has built over 29,000 backlinks to this website.

Our Secret Sauce

My secret sauce of SEO has always been creating great content that people will link to and this content not only includes written articles or posts, but also video.

As YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world we understand the importance of video to drive traffic.

But before we began shooting one clip, we began by looking at the statistics from our old videos to find out what was working, and not working using YouTube Insights.

The demographic audience for radar detector niche began taking a dramatic shift around 2008 (the start of the meltdown of our economy) from 35-year-old males to 45-year-old males.

This is somewhat in my favor as I am now in my mid 50’s and people in this age group tend to be more trusting of someone that is slightly older and not younger.

We then took a look at the videos that we had previously published to find out what was working and what was not working.

We found that the attention span of our audience was generally under four minutes per video, any longer then this they began going elsewhere. Therefore we realized that we had to get our message and call to action within this time period before they abandoned the clip.

YouTube SEO

Now the fun stuff, YouTube SEO and its NOT the blackhat crap that some of those Internet Marketing Guru’s will try to sell you on, its about creating a community of real followers that will subscribe to your channel, leave comments and vote.

How do you do this? Well basically creating great videos that people enjoy.

We then began scripting our new videos in advance, shooting them in our studio and then optimizing them for video SEO and only then began the upload process to our  Radar Detector YouTube Channel and then embedding them into our reviews.

Over the course of the past several weeks our videos began showing up in the organic results of Google for terms such as radar detectors, radar detector reviews and the specific products that we reviewed and the views to our videos went through the roof!

We went from having a few hundred views a week, to over a thousand reviews in a day.

Thirty Days Later – Where are we at?


So it is 30 days after our official launch, how are we doing?

This past week we had a total of 3,160 visitors to the website with 37% coming from our organic listings in the Google SERPs and 23% direct.

As we embed the URL of our website into each of our YouTube videos, I suspect that much of this direct traffic is coming from that source.

Monetization – Are We Making Money?

Currently the only monetization that we are doing on this website is being an affiliate to Radarbusters and this month we are on target for this one website to generate an additional $1,000 in affiliate sales for us (because of contract cannot show commission basis)

And our Goal is to have this site create us a six-figure affiliate income by years end.


Now understand I’ve been involved in Internet Marketing since 1996 and as you can see by this case study that all that BS from all those other Internet Guru’s telling you that this stuff is easy is bull!

Internet Marketing is hard work and if you want to make money you must first make a commitment to learn and understand how this all this stuff works, then make a commitment of time and/or money to get all the work done.

So now you maybe asking yourself “Ok, where do I learn all this stuff so we can create an online business to create ourselves a six figure income?” A great start would be signing up for our free SEO tip of the week and reading our past posts on our blog about Internet Marketing.

Then when your ready signing up for one of our SEO Training Workshops that we will be launching in the coming months.

Certified Master SEO Instructor by the Search Engine Academy and CEO and founder of SEO Training SW.
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