Does the Context of Your Articles Earn a Queen’s Crown?

Context is Queen – Part 2

In last week’s SEO Tip of the Week we discussed Content is King and the importance of developing great content for your visitors and the search engines, in this week’s SEO tip of the week we will discuss the importance of Context and why Context is Queen.

Before I begin I’d like you to think about context and not just in the terms of developing content for your website but in the scope of everyday life.

The content of what we speak can be different in how we say it. For example, the context of how you describe a car accident can be interpreted differently by many people.

Therefore the content alone does not provide enough value without the proper focus with the context of our article.

Search Engines work the same way. When the robots of Google review our articles it scans the context so it can properly index and rank the content putting it in the proper categories.

When we first write an article for the web, our first consideration should be writing our content for the human reader, making sure that the article is interesting and engaging to the person I describe as our perfect customer.

The next step is to make sure that your article is not only in the correct context for the human reader but also in the correct context for the search engines. This process is commonly referred to as NLP or Natural Language Processing.

There are two ways you can do this, one way by hand and the second an automated tool using a program such as SEOScout:

  • Manually: The manual process of making sure that you’re article is in the proper context for the search engines is using a method that I call “Google Eyes” in which you basically harvest keyword phrases from the Google, Ask and Amazon SERPS. This process can take hours for each root keyword when done properly
  • SEOScout is an automated program that was developed by Michael Marshall. Michael has an advanced degree in Linguistics and is also an advanced Search Engine Optimization expert. SEOScout scans the top 100 websites indexed by Google for your main keyword phrase and then ranks the various keyword phrases in order of importance. Learn more about SEOScout from the review on our website here

If you’ve been following our three part series on Content is King, Context is Queen and He with the most backlinks wins, then please add your comments in the area below this article and consider pressing the Facebook like button on the top of this article.

In next week’s article we will discuss “He with the most backlinks wins”

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