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Question:  “What are the best tips to optimize a blog for SEO?”    – Charles, Orlando

We received this question a few days ago, and this question is probably one of the biggest questions that we are asked on a regular basis.

So, I will try to give you some tips on making your blog a solid foundation for all of your Search Engine Optimization.


1.     Permalinks

On initial install, WordPress automatically sets up the blog to a Dynamic URL that looks like:

As you can see, this is not keyword optimized and does not help your SEO value.

To change your Permalinks to an SEO optimized URL, you need to go to OPTIONS > PERMALINKS in your WordPress Admin and change the COMMON SETTINGS to CUSTOM STRUCTURE and paste /%postname%/ into the from field.


This will change your URL to look like:

This is fundamentally the biggest thing that you can do to increase your SEO on your blog.

2.    All in SEO Pack – Plugin

This plugin will allow you to create unique TITLE TAGS, DESCRIPTIONS and KEYWORDS for every Blog Post that you create.  You can very easily create keyword optimized titles, descriptions, and keywords that Google will love!  Remember, EVERY post/page on your website MUST have a unique TITLE and DESCRIPTION.

3.     Sitemaps

A sitemap is a vital piece to your SEO strategy.   A sitemap is a list of all of  your pages so that a robot or user can access your pages on one document.  This is basically a “Cheat Sheet” for Google.  For Google to know what pages are on your website, the Google-bot needs only to spider one page and it immediately knows how many pages are on your site.

Even better is that you only need to install a plugin (Google XML Sitemaps) and anytime you make a new post the sitemap will automatically be updated.

4.    Include Social Media

There are a lot of “guru’s” out there that are preaching how they are making millions of dollars using social media and if you act now, you can become the next internet sensation.

However, if you have spent any amount of time online you realize that it is much more involved than what they are trying to sell.  The bottom line is that you want to use Social Media to EXTEND your message and have other people help you spread what your are talking about.  To do this you must make it as easy as possible for your specific market to talk about you.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by using a plugin.  Share This is probably one of the more well know plugins to use.   Make sure that you at least have a way for your followers to TWEET, LIKE and DIGG your content.

5.  Think of your blog as a traditional website

Even though you may be using a blog platform, you must  continue to think of your blog as a traditional website.   All of the SEO “rules” still apply.  Backlinking, On Page Optimization, Page Authority, Duplicate Content Penalties, Keyword Density, Context and etc, are still just as important as if it was a “traditional” blog.

If you put these Top 5 SEO BLOG TIPS into action, you should immediately see positive results in your websites Search Engine Rankings.

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Thank you Charles for your question!

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