Can You Create an Online Buzz??

I’m often asked the question by allot of folks who follow our SEO Training tipsCan I really make some decent money in affiliate marketing” and my answer is yes, if you can create the buzz, let me explain.

As many of you are aware I really got my start in Internet Marketing and SEO with my launch of my RadarBusters website back in 1997. I was very successful at creating the persona of “Radar Roy” the retired cop who reviewed radar detectors, gave advise on how to beat traffic tickets and sold various speed counter measurement equipment.

My motto when I oversaw the company was “We ONLY sell the persona of Radar Roy, we don’t sell radar detectors”.

This philosophy served us well as the persona of Radar Roy was able to create trust with our clients and the online BUZZ of a Cop turned to the “dark side” selling radar detectors.

In 2007 I retired from the Radar Detector niche selling RadarBusters and our associated network of websites to one of my biggest competitors, for over seven figures. Then in 2008 we kicked off our SEO Training business here at SEO Training SW.

But I’ll be honest with you, there has always been a voice in the back of my head, “could I do this all over again in the radar detector niche and perhaps become a super affiliate in the industry?” Well now I get my chance to find out.

Again I’ve been pretty much laying low in the radar detector niche since selling the RadarBusters, but a few months ago I found out that the domain was in auction.

My hands started sweating because as I posted in a previous post here, a domain with your keyword term is like gold! Here was my chance to get back into the game and to become a super affiliate in the arena of radar detectors.

We purchased the domain name and in October and my staff began mapping out our plan to take over this niche once again, our target date for launch was Christmas (of this year) <grin>

Our Roadmap for

I discovered very early on in my Internet Marketing career to be successful you need to very detailed roadmap that you can use to take you though your online marketing journey.

As in any niche you enter into you need to start out by doing some basic keyword research and my keyword tool of choice is Market Samurai.

Market Samurai obtains its keyword data direct from Google but one feature that I really like about it is that it also obtains the OCI data (commercial intent) of the keywords.

What I found was the keyword landscape had taken a dramatic shift over the past several years as there were allot of new radar detectors on the market today.

Therefore I had to do research on these new models and then create new content about these new units.

Next step, I fired up my copy of SEOScout to find what the NLP (natural language programming) was for these keywords and the keyword themes that we would need for the new articles for the site.

We then did some competitive research utilizing SEORecon, to see what was I up against? We needed to have a complete landscape of this niche, who were our real competitors and what were our competitor’s weak points?

From this Intel I discovered what marketing opportunities we had, what the long tail keyword phrases that we could IMMMEDIATELY dominate in and what the most difficult and profitable keywords were and how we could map out a long-term strategy to achieve that goal.

This valuable Intel also laid the groundwork for our new website architecture and the platform that we chose was WordPress with a custom Fugal Theme developed in-house.

There were several reasons that we chose the Fugal Theme as it is very SEO friendly and super easy for a non-coder like me to customize.

As our new website was going to be a review site, we chose to use the My Review Plug in. We choose this program over the others that we researched because of the personal recommendations from others in the Review niche that we network with.

A couple weeks ago everything was finally falling into place, we had our website completed and I had completed writing up all the new reviews for the website, now it was time to put this all together into on piece.

Now those of you that known me for any length of time maybe asking yourself did I put in all those hidden subliminal messages into his images again and did I use “triggers” in my content? Well I ask you, what would a “Radar Roy” website be without them? Of course we did.

We took my old photograph from the RadarBusters site and did some minor adjusting in PhotoShop on the hero image. We then sprinkled in some other subliminal messages into some of our newer videos and followed the rule of knowing who your perfect customer is, what their major problem was and what the solution to their major problem was, but we were in for some surprises in this part of the process, let me explain.

When I ran RadarBusters my “perfect customer” was someone that I called Jim. Jim was 35 years old, earned $35,000. a year, was married with two kids, drove a beat up clunker while his wife drove a mini van, was an insurance salesman and HATED his job and was wanting an inexpensive radar detector in the neighborhood of $200.00.

Since October we have been surveying the radar detector niche and what we found was our demographic audience had taken a dramatic turn. Our perfect customer was now 53, earning $75,000.00 a year and wanted the best, most expensive radar detector that they could buy!

So we began asking, why did Jim suddenly age 2o years in only three years?

The answer we came up with is the current economic climate. You see our old Jim has allot more to worry about then getting speeding tickets; he has to worry about his job and putting food on the table.

So a question that I would like to ask you right now is, are you still marketing your products the way you were back in 2007? If so YOUR perfect customer may have also changed and you maybe missing out on your new Jim!

So in reality my job just had gotten allot easier in my messaging as I was in the same demographic audience as my new Jim.

The Launch!

A few days ago we began putting on the finishing touches to the website, adding the following WordPress plugins;

  • All in One SEO Tool
  • Google XML Sitemap creator
  • Google Video Sitemap creator
  • Pingler

As an affiliate having the ability to tracking your outbound clicks and to mask them from your competitors is important, therefore we subscribe to a service from GoTryThis.

GoTryThis uses custom redirects from your website and also has the ability to mirror your links using short links for Twitter.

Getting the Buzz…

During our competitive research one of the marketing opportunities that we uncovered was the utilization of social media, specifically YouTube and Facebook.

We created a Facebook Fan page for the website and I updated some of the videos that we had on my Radar Roy YouTube channel.

We then discussed having a contest where we would reward points to those who joined our any of our social media channels, left comments or signed up for our my free Radar Detector E-Book.

We then found a new plug-in called Contest Burner that allowed us to do all of this and more!

We installed the Contest Burner WordPress Plug-in and created a page to give away a top of the line $469.00 radar detector to award points as:

  • Joining our Facebook Fan Page – 250 points
  • 100 points for liking our Facebook fan page
  • 10 points for commenting on our blog and/or reviews
  • 150 points for posting a video response to one of our YouTube videos
  • And so on…..

Then on Saturday, December 18th we flipped the switch and went live with our new radar detector website!

Immediately after launch we created our new Google Webmasters account notifying Google of our XML sitemaps, pinged all the pages on the site using Pingler and announced our new website and our contest on several automotive forums, Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites.

By Sunday morning our new website appeared in the 33rd position for the coveted term “radar detectors” and we were getting the first visitors to our website signing up for our contest.

By 9:00 pm Sunday we had already awarded over 30,000 points in our contest and accumulated over 500 comments on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter!

And GoTryThis reported that we had over 138 click troughs to the merchant website from our affiliate links.

Then today we published a press release with PRWeb to get a few quick authority links to the website

Back Linking

The next step in our journey with our new website is to get backlinks to our new website and to identify link partners we utilized a program called SEO Spy Glass.

SEO Spy Glass enables you to find high quality backlinks by spying on your competitors links and then ranks them in importance along with a report that identifies how many back links your website would need to be competitive in your niche.

We will also be submitting the website to a number of the top directories this week.

Travel With Us On Our Online Journey!


I invite you to tag along in our online journey to obtain a predominate ranking in this very competitive niche, however we should warn you in advance that there will be some detours along the way.

But to us these detours are all apart of becoming a successful Internet Marker and as your competitors get lost trying to find the road back you have taken the opportunity to BUZZ right by them and pass them up!

Wishing everyone a very joyous holiday season!

Certified Master SEO Instructor by the Search Engine Academy and CEO and founder of SEO Training SW.
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