Monetizing and Optimizing Your Blog

Generating revenue with your blog and acquiring targeted readers from your blog. It is one thing to build a following, but what can you do with that following once you have it? Take aways from PubCon session; “Monetizing and Optimizing Your Blog

Moderator; Joe Laratro

Speakers; Duane Forrester – SEO Microsoft/MSN, Brain Clark – CopyBlogger

Duane Forrester – How to make money with your blog

The light and fluffy feel good side of blogging

  • Critical that any blog topic is approached with passion
  • Pick something you like, don’t chase trends
  • If you’re passionate, it will come through in your writing
  • Your audience will know if it’s lacking


  • Select a niche
  • Select a niche that is in a niche
  • Still lots of opportunities in niches areas, look for them

Going broad has

  • Been done
  • Doesn’t allow you to differentiate yourself


Amazon stores have not converted very well for Duane  – One well developed site has not made one sale

  • Things that sell the best are stand alone
  • Blending your ads will help
  • Users today are ad-savvy
  • Be selective where you place your ads

Test everything

  • Change colors
  • Change ad sizes
  • Track results
  • Leave things live for at least a week between changes
  • After a couple months, implement the best performers
  • Never stop testing for best results

When to Walk away

  • As Kenney Rogers says you got to know when to fold em
  • If a topic is not generating revenue, move on
  • If a template is problematic find another
  • Don’t invest your time in s something that is not giving you value
  • There is vale in learning

Video a story about something dumb people in your industry have done

Shopping Carts – Off the shelf are never optimized, create your own for you environment

Best Books

  • Don’t Make Me Think
  • The art of SEO

Brian Clark – How to make more money with blogs

High Level Blogging  – Not an advertising model

Began formulating this back six years ago

Instead of your content supporting your advertising, your content is advertising

Content Marketing: Give away valuable content to the right people, and then sell them something closely related. You also need to make sure that there is a market out there for your stuff.

Tell people how to solve their problem, and then sell them a solution that makes solving the problem even easier.

Emotional engagement is the foundation of selling anything. It begins with people knowing who you are and liking you.

We make emotional buying decision and then use logic to support the purchase.

We do business with people we know and that we like.

The “Five A” approach to Seductive Blogging

  • Authenticity – Don’t just be you, be the BEST YOU. Have a voice that people can trust
  • Attention – What is the goal you are trying to achieve here goes back to the content. One of the most important skills you can learn is how to title your articles. Attention has to be earned.
  • Authority – Becoming the expert in your niche is your goal
  • Action – People want to buy from people they like and trust. People will tell you what they want to buy if they like you. You want to go into an area where there is allot of competition. Giving away free content when your competitors charge is a great way to build trust.
  • Acceleration – You will find new business opportunities when you have a large audience. Copyblogger makes three million dollars a year because of its partnerships.

Chris Brogan

Makes money speaking professionally, charges $22,000 a day

Also does one on one consulting, $22,000 a day

Staff of nine working on your project for a month, $125,000

Primary promote the scribe wordpress theme on his blog, it pays monthly mortgage with that offer.

Sells online training $600.00 a year

Tweeted a webinar for two days made $7000.00

Books are the best $25.00 business card that you can buy

Chris writes all his books, tweets, blog posts. Gets 600 emails a day

Certified Master SEO Instructor by the Search Engine Academy and CEO and founder of SEO Training SW.
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