Eight Tips for Bloggers: SEO Training Guide

Today weblogs or blogs is the latest trend in publishing online content for businesses. Here are eight tips you can use to optimize your personal and/or business blog;

1. Content is King – Context is Queen

This is perhaps one of the oldest rules in SEO and is still one of the most important factors today, the quality of your content on your websites.

Quality content draws your audience into your website and often they will also want to share their thoughts or experiences by linking your website/content to their bookmarks or their own website(s).

2. Anticipate Terms/Topics of What People will be searching for

Stay current with trends, when something new happens in your industry that people will be interested in finding more information write a blog post about it. Consider the keywords and terms that your audience will be using when searching for information about your topic.

3. Titles Titles Titles

The search engines give allot of emphasis to the titles of your posts/pages, so make sure you get your titles right. With the All In One SEO Tool you can write a title for the search engines and another for your human reader.

  • Make sure that your blog is programmed so it puts the title of your posts in the ‘title tags’ on the back end of your blog. This is really important.
  • Consider the SEO perspective and don’t include your blog name in the title tags of single posts, this will dilute your keywords.
  • Include keywords and keyword phrases that you identified in your keyword research
  • Remember the keywords you use at the start of a title tend to carry more weight than words you use later in your title

4. Keywords in other parts of your post

Use keywords and keyword phrases that you have identified within your article. If you want the SERPS (search engine result pages) to rank you for a term or phrase you need to use that term or phrase. Use them in the sub headings in your post using headline tags where you can. Don’t keyword stuff, use the terms naturally in your posts.

5. Link to Your Own Posts

Sprinkle into the body of your post other links to other articles on your own blog using anchor keywords.

6. Get Links from Outside Your Blog

Getting incoming links to your blog is key in SEO but starting off they can often be hard to get. Start to linking to your blog from other social media accounts that that you have or other websites that you own or forums that you are active on.

Many of the social media sites use no-follow tags so they often don’t count in Google’s eyes as an incoming link, but they are still important.

7. Plugins

Plugins will make your job of maintaining and optimizing your blog allot easier, here is a list of my top WordPress Plug-ins for 2010.

8. Create a Tribe

Not really an SEO technique in itself but certainly plays a part. Become active in your community and create a loyal following. This “snowballing effect” takes time but if you’re successful you will have loyal base of followers that will help promote your blog and your products/services.

Do you have any of your own tips for promoting your blogs? If so would love to hear your comments….

Certified Master SEO Instructor by the Search Engine Academy and CEO and founder of SEO Training SW.
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