Deciding between two Types of Affiliate Offers

If a supplier offers two types of affiliate programs, what is the process and criteria for choosing the program that is right for you? For example, there may be one fee schedule model for directing traffic to the supplier site and there may be a different fee schedule model for selling the supplier’s product directly on your own site.

In the case of two different payout options for the same merchant it sounds more like you are asking if you should be an affiliate (content publisher) or a wholesaler.

The decision to become more than just a content publisher who promotes a product to one that actually processes the orders is a big step. Carefully consider the following before making your decision.

  • Are you comfortable investing in your own e-commerce solution?
  • Have you purchased their product and tested the customer service?
  • How are returns handled?
  • Do you act as the middleman or does the company work directly with the customer?
  • Do you have time to do customer service?
  • How competitive is the industry?
  • How can you set yourself apart and compete with the supplier?

Often Merchants use more than one affiliate solution provider or  network. They may have multiple offers or the same offer in multiple networks.  Look at the statistics for each.

  • Which offer is higher?
  • Which one converts better?
  • Which one has the lowest payout threshold
  • Does each have an active Affiliate Manager you can speak with?
  • Is the creative ( banners articles etc) unique for each program or are they the same?
  • Which platform are you more comfortable with?
  • Check OfferVault to see ratings on the offers and merchant

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