Who is your Internet Marketing Doru?

The one major reason I have been so successful during my journey in Internet Marketing has been the bonds of friendship, trust and support with others in our community.

This awakening came to me in 2001 after having my main RadarBusters website banned by Google.

I had fallen victim to one of those emails from an outside SEO agency that promised to make me #1 in Google. They did fulfill their commitment as my website did jump to the coveted number one position in only a few weeks; however what they did fail to mention that the “black hat” tactics that they did use violated Google’s terms of service.

Also during this same period I had found myself becoming an Internet Marketing “information collector” signing up for many of those top secret marketing launches from the self proclaimed SEO Guru’s in our industry.

It was only then that I came to the realization that in order to become successful I had to network other successful marketers and find someone that could become my personal mentor.

My first step in this process was to sort through all the various all the various SEO and IM training venues that were out there and try to find one that not only had knowledgeable instructors, but also offered one on one hand’s on training and a follow-up mentorship program. This is why I ultimately selected attending as a student, one of the first Search Engine Academy Workshops held in Las Vegas by John Alexander and Robin Nobles.

One of the guest instructors during this workshop was Jerry West and during his opening presentation about SEO and affiliate Marketing he gave me one of the most powerful tips ever that I learned in Internet Marketing, carry a personal journal with you where ever you go and “When an idea pops into your head write it down then once a month go through your journals and review them and implement the best ideas from them

Over the course of the last ten years Jerry has been at my side as my #1 business mentor to help maintain focus and but more importantly a close personal friend that I can count on.

This past week Jerry and I brought together each of our teams together at his home for a two day networking and brainstorming session and in part two of this article I will share many of ideas and action items with you.

However before I do I have a couple of questions for you?

Do you sometimes wish there was more time to work on your website or online business so you can make it more successful?

Do you sometimes wish you had more money to invest into your online business?

If you found yourself answering yes to either of these questions then you will need to come to the same realization as I did back in 2001 and that is in order to turn your business around and to become successful you have to think, do and act as other successful Internet Marketers do.

Find yourself your own personal mentor that is NOT a guru but a Dorue (someone that actually makes money by doing it)

To your Internet Marketing Success!

Certified Master SEO Instructor by the Search Engine Academy and CEO and founder of SEO Training SW.
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