Stop Digging Ditches

This past week my SEO and IM team flew out to Hickory North Carolina to network with one of the most successful SEO and Affiliate Marketing teams in the US which is run by my personal friend and mentor Jerry West.

Jerry is not only one of the top SEO people in our community but also one of the most successful affiliate marketers earning well into seven figure bracket each year and is one of the special guest speakers at this year’s PubCon Event in Las Vegas.

Two of the most often heard questions that both Jerry and I have received from other online marketers are;

• I wished that I could figure out a way to spend more time improving my website and its rankings

• I wished that I could figure out a way to get more money to spend on improving my website and its rankings

Therefore over the course of these two days we each shared some of our own tips and programs with each other that have enabled us to be successful; here are some of the highlights;

Our Tips

“Don’t become the Ditch Digger”

Successful Internet Marketing is no longer a one man show, it has to be a team effort with someone leading the team and becoming the “creative thinker” with a small group of “ditch diggers” who you can count on to do the work.

So many online businesses fail or never rise to the next level for two reasons:

1: The leader of the organization is in the trenches digging his own holes that he can never get out off, or;

2: There is more than one creative thinker arguing back and forth and no one digging the ditches.

Go out and create your team!

“Don’t become an Information Gather”

Jerry and I both agree that that the #1 cause of failure for new online businesses is the failure to take action. So many new online businesses fail because they get locked into believing that they are just missing that one secret piece of the puzzle and if they buy that next $1995.00 Informational product launch from self proclaimed internet guru that those secrets will be revealed to them.

Like every other successful business model out there the secret to success is to take action, learn from your mistakes, fail fast and recover.

Concentrate on One Win at a Time

To be successful in one particular niche of Internet Marketing requires total focus and hard work. Jerry’s secret is to focus his team on one particular niche and to hit it hard to make it profitable. In order to do this he first focuses in on three to five main money keywords for that niche and concentrates his efforts to obtain the #1 position in organic search results. At the same time he is also testing his landing pages and copy by using Google Adwords to drive traffic to the offer page to make sure it is profitable.

Jerry’s and his team will only manage only five particular niches and/or products at one time. This way they spend at least one day a week concentrating all their efforts on that one particular niche.

Have a Point of Difference

Jerry related to me that when he realized that he was not only competing against the manufacture of a particular product or service but that he was also competing against all the other affiliate marketers out there who are promoting the same product was one of the major turning points in his Internet Marketing career.

His advice, find something that will set you apart from the crowd and steal the sale away from your competitors.

The Programs

Here are just a handful of some of the tools that our teams use that we discussed during our two day session.

Google Webmaster Tools: A free tool offered by Google. Google Webmasters allows you easy find the keywords your ranking highest for and your click through rate.

With this information you can focus your attention on the keywords that are sending you the most traffic, use the intel to create double indented listings and to improve your conversions.

SEORecon: Developed by Michael Marshall of the Search Engine Academy. SEORecon enables you to do competitive research on your competitors to find their strong points but most importantly their weak points.

Master Website Manager: An easy web based program that allows you to manage and track all your SEO Tracking data in one location.

Submit Your Article: An easy to use article submission service that allows you to submit your articles to hundreds of publishers and websites on autopilot.


Let’s face it much of Google’s algorithm on ranking is based on the number and the quality of the back links to your website.

How does on get back links, well you can;

• Write engaging content on your website so others link to it

• Participate in link exchange programs with other websites

• Submit articles to article directories and other social media websites

• Buy links

• Create your own network of your own properties that you can use to link back to your website

Buying Links is the fastest way to obtain one way backlinks, however it technically violates Google TOS so if you’re discovered those links would be devalued and buying links can become quite expensive.

Therefore one of the top solutions to the back link dilemma that both Jerry and I have used is to create our own network of properties that we can use.

In the case of Radarbusters these were just a few of the websites I had created in my network to drive traffic and links to my main website;

• – How to mount a radar detector on a Harley Davidson Motorcycle

• – How to mount a radar detector on a street bike

• – Forum on radar detectors

Over the course of the last 10 years, Jerry and I have literally added hundreds of sites such as these into our inventory that we use to drive traffic and links for our own sites and for our clients websites.

How we created our own network of websites and how we “promote our promoters” is one of the topics that I cover in our advanced SEO Workshop, if you’re interested in discovering our secret to our success please consider signing up NOW!

Certified Master SEO Instructor by the Search Engine Academy and CEO and founder of SEO Training SW.
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