Our Top 10 WordPress Plugins

The number one question that I’m asked in my SEO Training class and at my free SEO Meetups, is what the best application to use when developing a website.

My answer is WordPress. Infact this website you’re reading now was developed using WordPress.

WordPress offers allot of features for development and SEO including themes, pinging and tagging and most importantly for me, the plug-ins.

As WordPress is open source, there is literally thousands of plugs-ins with new ones being released daily.

Here is my collection of the Best WordPress plugs ins for 2010

  1. All-In-One SEO:Without question the All In One SEO Pack for WordPress is the ultimate SEO Plugin, I love it! This plugin brings what is missing in WP: description, keywords, blog title, post titles and many more.
  2. WP-DBManager – There is nothing worse than having a hard drive crash or having a hacker hack into your server and you lose all your data. This plug in has several back-up functions but what is the most impressive it can email you the backup to you so you have an offsite backup.
  3. Akismet – I hate spammers as much as you do and Akismet is the comment spam plugin that comes with WordPress that does a great job so you don’t need to moderate every new post.  However be sure that you activate it by getting your API key
  4. WordPress Related Posts – One of the best things you can do on your posts is to reference other articles in your blog that are related to keep your visitors on your website, this plug in does just that.
  5. SEO Smart Links – One of the most important factors in onsite SEO is the interlinking of your content on your own website. Links in your body content builds Page Rank and also allows your readers to find other articles on your site similar in nature. This plug-in automatically hyperlink your keywords to other relevant pages within your site.
  6. W3 Total Cache: One of the main factors in the Google Caffeine update was the load speed of your website. W3 Total Cache can provide a 10x or more speed improvement in this area when properly configured.
  7. FD Feedburner Plugin: Let’s face it, today Google owns search and any of Google’s products that you install in your site will increase your Google love. Feedburner is Google’s feed and all of your subscribers will be only able to subscribe to your Feedburner feed.
  8. Widget Context: Now you have different sidebar widgets displayed on certain pages on your blog, this plug-in gives your control on what pages your widget appears.
  9. YouTube with Style: As style to your Tube videos and also make it much easier to embed your videos into your posts.
  10. Popularity Contest: Identifies the most popular articles in your site by reviewing their popularity, comments, pageviews and trackbacks.

Do you have any favorite WordPress plug-ins that you would like to share with our community? If so please use the comment box below.

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