What’s on Your Internet Marketing Calendar?

Has a Christmas ever snuck up on you finding yourself frantically searching for that special gift at the corner convenience store on Christmas Eve? Then in the end you buy some cheap stocking stuffer because the store shelves are bare and you feel embarrassed because you let that special someone down.

This is the same feeling if you will get when you hit a top dollar sales day on your website and realize that you didn’t think of starting your holiday marketing campaign until the last minute.

When I operated the Radarbusters website, 45% off all my yearly sales came during the holiday season.

So the day after Labor Day was the day I started planning out my Christmas promotion.

During the holidays my demographic audience took a dramatic shift from being predominately male to female so my main sales copy had to be all rewritten.

I also had to preorder my inventory before the end of October so I had to make projections based upon my current rankings/sales and compare them to the year prior.

If you’re not familiar with the rhythm of Internet marketing and sales, marketing experts have developed an Internet Marketing Calendar to help you know when to kick off your campaigns to take advantage of those top selling days.


Jan 8: Begin Back to School Campaign
Jan 10: *Conduct an analysis of the competition (eBay sellers, websites, marketing efforts, etc.)
Jan 13: Begin Valentine´s marketing on website
Jan 28: Start Valentine´s PPC (pay per click) promotion


Feb 1: Send Super Bowl email with special offer
Feb 7: *Optimize/Review your home page and landing pages
Feb 9: Valentine´s promotional email
Feb 11: Last day to ship for Valentine´s Day
Feb 13: Begin Presidents Day sale
Feb 14: Valentine´s Day
Feb 15: End Valentine´s Day promotion
Feb 16: Send Presidents Day promotion email
Feb 18: President´s Day
Feb 21: Begin Spring shopping season


March 1: *Optimize/Review your website copy
March 7: Begin St. Patrick´s Day Sale on website
March 8: Send St. Patrick´s Day promotional email
March 11: Begin Easter sale on website
March 17: St. Patrick´s Day
March 18: Send Easter promotional email
March 23: Easter Sunday April 24: Begin Summer PPC campaign (for summer product retailers)


April 1: April Fool´s Day
April 4: *Optimize/Review your order process
April 5: Send Spring promotional email
April 18: *Optimize/Review your email capture process and how it relates to your contact list
April 25: Begin Mother´s Day sale on website
April 26: Send Mother´s Day promotional email


May 2: *Review/Optimize product pricing
May 8: Last day to order for Mother´s Day
May 11: Mother´s Day
May 13: Begin Summer PPC Campaign (for traditional retailers)
May 16: Begin Memorial Day sale on website
May 17: Send Memorial Day promotional email
May 26: Memorial Day


June 3: *Review PPC campaigns
June 7: Begin Father´s Day sale on website
June 11: Send Father´s Day promotional email
June 15: Father´s Day
June 20: *Review/Optimize natural search engine strategy
June 27: Begin Independence Day sale
June 28: Send Independence Day promotional email
June 30: End Summer PPC program (for summer product retailers)


July 4: Independence Day
July 11: *Begin implementing a linking campaign
July 18: *Pursue site credibility indicators
July 25: *Optimize/Review email campaign


August 1: *Begin planning Holiday marketing
August 2: *Review last years sales data (in prep for Holidays)
August 5: Start Back-to-School PPC promotion
August 9: *Explore alternative marketing channels
August 10: Start Back to School sale
August 12: Send Back to School promotion email
August 22: End Summer PPC campaign (for traditional retailers)
August 24: Begin Labor Day sale on website
August 26: Send Labor Day promotional email


First Monday of September: Labor Day
First Tuesday of September: Plan out Christmas Campaign
September 6: *Review/Optimize customer service & fulfillment
September 23: End Back-to-School PPC promotion
September 30: Begin Halloween PPC campaign


October 3: Begin Columbus Day sale
October 4: Send Columbus Day email
October 13: Columbus Day
October 31: Halloween


November 1: End Halloween PPC promotion
November 7: *Review Holiday promotions
November 11: Veterans Day
November 14: Begin Holiday Theme on website
November 17: Start Holiday PPC campaign
November 22: Send early bird Holiday shopping email
November 23: Increase PPC bids for Christmas (Thanksgiving Day)
November 25: #1 Top Dollar Day
November 26: #9 Top Dollar Day


December 13: #5 Top Dollar Day
December 16: Send holiday promotion email
December 19: #8 Top Dollar Day
December 20: Lower PPC bids for Christmas, #2 Top Dollar Day
December 21: #7 Top Dollar Day
December 22: Last day to order for Christmas, #6 Top Dollar Day
December 23: #4 Top Dollar Day
December 24: Christmas Eve promotion on website.
December 25: Christmas
December 26: #3 Top Dollar Day
December 27: Send End-of-Year sale email; #10 Top Dollar Day

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