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Part Two – Advanced SEO Workshop

One thing that always amazes me during our SEO Seminars is the wide range of life experiences our students have, the untapped personal and business relationships they have and how much I learn from them during our workshops, here just one example from this week’s class;

A few years ago Dan was on top of his game as the CEO of a forty million dollar home building contracting firm in Georgia. As the housing industry turned upside down his bank called in a multi-million dollar loan that was payable in only three days. Unable to meet the banks deadline he had to declare bankruptcy and all his business and his personal finances were wiped out. Many would have given up at this point but not Dan. He realized that he had to reposition himself during these difficult times and learn new skills.

During Dan’s personal inventory and realized that he had built strong personal connections though out his community and he could help other small businesses weather out our current financial storm by helping them use the power of local search to drive new business to their brick and mortar locations. However, he felt that he had one major obstacle that he had to overcome, he wasn’t very computer literate and he didn’t understand a thing on how the search engines worked.

He had called me by telephone a few weeks ago before the workshop and we got him started in our free SEO Essentials training videos that we have here on our website so when he showed up on day one of two day seminar of our SEO Foundation workshop he was up-to-speed with several of the more advanced students who have attended other Internet Marketing workshops and/or who have been operating their own successful websites.

Sure there were moments during this portion of the workshop that Dan had a few minor stumbles, but because our low student to instructor ratio we were able to spend that few extra minutes with him so he could have a full understanding of the topic we were addressing.

Dan passed his SEO foundation certification exam on Tuesday with flying colors, allowing him to move onto the more advanced three day segment of the workshop.

Ginette Degner and I opened up day one of our advanced workshop by working in several of the student’s niches using more advanced paid SEO keyword tools such as the new Wordtracker and Market Samurai which provides you with information such as commercial intent and the competitive landscape.

After lunch Mark Ress who runs a family owned mobile marketing and local search company in Chino California lead of the segment on local search. Mark explained his tips and secrets on how he and his family built his company in just under a year to be the one of leading local search consulting in the south central California area.

David Evans followed up reviewing our 56 point checklist on how to optimize your client’s Google Places pages and how to optimize your website for organic local search.

Later in the afternoon I then gave a live example on how I use video SEO by recording a short one minute testimonial for one of our attendees, edited and optimized the video using Sony Vegas Studio and then how I disseminate the video on various video and podcasting social media websites using free and paid social media publishing tools

We began day two of our Advanced Workshop by demonstrating the power of Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Universal Search then had a group project with the class were they identified the various keyword themes that were important for a student’s website that specialized in the insurance industry using a process we call “Google Eyes”.

We then utilized a program called “SEO Scout” which was developed Michael Marshall, an associate with the Search Engine Academy. We demonstrated the program using the students own websites how SEO Scout was a more accurate and time saving method in NLP and optimizing your website and how this method and program could save your websites from being de-indexed such as during a major Google algorithm update such as the recent caffeine update.

Our certified Google Analytics and PPC Expert David Evans then reviewed the various Pay Per Click options with Google, Yahoo and MSN, how to identify click fraud, and a step by step process on how to optimize your AdWords Campaign.

David then followed this segment up with a guide on how to set-up and optimize Google Analytics to bookmark and measure and improve your return on investment (ROI) and click through rates (CTR)

On the last day of our advanced SEO Workshop, Ginette opened up the program by demonstrating how to create an email list for your goods or services, how to optimize and segment your list and how to get the attention of your prospective clients when your message lands in their email box.

Ginette also demonstrated a new list building and auto responder program which includes extra features such as video email marketing, screen sharing capabilities, webhosting and more called OfficeVP.

As Ginette is one of the leading affiliate managers in the country, she followed up with her step by step presentation on how to become successful as an affiliate advertiser on finding niches of opportunity, selecting the best offers and how to develop content and websites.

Mark Ress and I closed the official training segment of the advanced SEO workshop by demonstrating how each of us have set up our own successful seo consulting companies and how we find new clients.

At the concussion of the workshop each student took their final exam for advanced SEO certification followed up by a round table discussion on the week long workshop and other areas of offline and online marketing.

I closed the workshop by comparing myself to Dan and the other students that attended the workshop by saying “Ten years ago I sat in the same seats that each of you are sitting in today, getting my certification in advanced SEO after my website Radarbusters had been de-indexed from the search engines. I took what you learned the last five days and in matter of seven years built up a network of websites that dominated the 12 volt automotive industry and sold it for over seven figures to my biggest competitor. But our biggest accomplishment and I hope yours to will be to take your knowledge and skills to the next level and helping others just like you to become successful. Since teaching SEO and Internet Marketing we have made three others equally successful such as Carol Sprague who sells tire pressure monitors, Jim Jenkins who sells faux rock and Thomas Wilkerson who teaches online OSHA training classes.”

Student Testimonials

Are you ready to transform your business and your life just as Dan, Carol, Jim and Thomas has?

If so take the next step and sign up for our free SEO tip of the week.

Certified Master SEO Instructor by the Search Engine Academy and CEO and founder of SEO Training SW.
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