Are You One to One or One to Many?

One of the most common concerns that I hear from new SEO’s that are trying to break into our industry is that “it’s too hard to find their first few clients

Well let me let you in on a little secret that I have used over the years, instead of speaking one on one, start speaking one to many.

Several years ago I contacted my local chamber of commerce and made them an offer that I would provide free SEO and consulting services for their website and in return they would provide me with a free membership.

Now mind you their annual dues are only $165 a year and my SEO services that I provide to them are ten times that amount. However what I was really after was building a strong relationship and tapping into their referral network.

This tactic has paid itself off very well; here is one example from tonight.

Several weeks ago I called the Chamber and told them that I would be willing to provide a two hour presentation on local search to 20 of their members and that I had prepared an e-mail along with a video explaining Google Places that I made using Camtasia that they could send out to their members.

Within hours of the Chamber sending out this e-mail we had already registered ten local businesses and by the end of the week we reached our 20 member goal.

Tonight we gave our presentation; in attendance we had a dentist, a real estate broker, five realtors, a hardware store owner, a clothing store owner along with other brick and mortar businesses.

At the closing of our presentation we had booked several free one hour consultations and landed two new clients who wanted us to work on their websites immediately!

Focus on Speaking One to Many

I’ve used this same tactic in landing new clients with other groups and organizations I’m involved with such as Toastmaters, MeetUp Groups and public service organization in my community.

I have found that the time I would spend with one business owner in making my presentation is much more valuable and productive when I speak to groups of people who are motivated and interested in improving their business.

Please share some of your thoughts and let me know what some of the groups or organizations that you can tap into in your own neighborhood?

Certified Master SEO Instructor by the Search Engine Academy and CEO and founder of SEO Training SW.
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