Ten Tips to Boost Your SEO Career

SEO Career TipsLast week at our SEO and Internet Marketing Training Workshop here in Phoenix we had one student that had been doing SEO and Internet Marketing for over five years and two students who were considering making a career move into SEO/IM.

So during the class I was asked what my tips I would offer to boost their SEO Career;

1: Become Qualified;

Becoming certified by the Search Engine Academy in SEO is a great first step, but it doesn’t stop there. I would also recommend certification in Google Analytics and AdWords. Google also offers certification in Advertising Fundamentals, Display Advertising and Website Optimizer to name a few.

2: Learn Secondary Skills

Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing cover a wide range of topics other than just building links. You’ll also need to have some basic HTML skills along with some understand of CSS, PHP and database development.

3: Focus on Helping Others

My earliest mentor in marketing Joe Sugarman perhaps said it best “Focus on what you want, however don’t focus on making more money. Money is just a symbol and if you focus on it all you will be doing is trading hours for dollars. If you really want to become more successful in your career focus on helping people, the money will follow.

Therefore Focus on helping your clients become successful, they will become your best sales team!

4: Having Self Confidence in Your Skills, Explore Joint Ventures/Profit Sharing

Don’t be afraid to explore doing a JV or Profit Sharing agreement with a client. Not only will you share in their success but you’ll also share the riches. I have structured several contracts where I own a percentage of the company for providing my services.

5: Give Back to Your Community

Building a website and promoting it for a charitable organization in your community can open many doors in your career.

As an example one of the very first websites I ever did after my retirement from law enforcement in 1996 was for the Wickenburg Chamber of Commerce. Fourteen years later they still refer me local business!

6: Understanding of How the Internet Works

From its inception in 1969 with only four computers to today tens of millions of computers, you need to have a basic understanding of how the Internet works. Once you have an understanding of what a DNS is, what are IP addresses and HTTP Status codes are your job in communicating with your ISP and developers will get allot easier.

7: Under Promise Over Deliver

Most every new client that I met with is suspicious of SEO and Internet Marketing because they had hired some other agency or SEO that just didn’t do the job the way they promised.

Therefore under promise and over deliver!

Set realistic goals for your client’s success, communicate with them on a regular basis and celebrate THEIR success.

8: Network with Success

Network with other successful people, join a Mastermind, and help other people you network with become successful online (see #3)

9: Build Your Brand

Building your personal brand of trust and expertise is essential in any industry. My personal motto when I owned Radarbusters was that I was that I didn’t sell radar detectors, that I was selling “Radar Roy” brand, the industry leading expert in speed countermeasure products. Even today, three years after selling Radarbusters, Radar Roy is one of the most often used terms in searching for a radar detector.

10: Have Fun and Enjoy Your Work

SEO and Internet Marketing is my #4 passion after my family, friends and helping others becoming successful online.

I do not consider what I do as a job, rather a lifestyle which brings extra benefits that my family, friends and I can enjoy….

To your online Success
“Radar” Roy Reyer

Certified Master SEO Instructor by the Search Engine Academy and CEO and founder of SEO Training SW.
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