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This month’s Website Magazine features an article from Search Engine Academy Co-founder John Alexander, “Understanding the Mechanics of SEO as both Art and Science

What I found most interesting in John’s article was how people get all stressed out in trying to figure out where your keywords have the most impact, which of the more than 200 ranking signals are most important this month, or what you need to change on your website to gain the top visibility with the correct audience for their products and/or services.

John’s article will relieve your “SEO Anxiety Attacks” with his 10 very easy influences where you can start to have your keywords have the most influence.

•Prominently in beginning of your Title tag
• Prominently in H1 or H2 Heading tags
• Use it with your Body text on the page
• Use it at least in a single occurrence of link text (in a way that make sense to the reader)
• Use your important keyword phrase as a cluster of words forming the phrase (a whole phrase)
• Don’t feel you have to “over do it.”
• Shorter URLs often seem to do better these days
• Make sure you try and use your keyword phrase in about 80% of your in-bound links
• Your remaining 20% of in-bound links should be synonyms so you avoid looking contrived

In this week’s SEO Tip of the Week video, I discuss John’s article along with my own commentary and go into detail into one area about the importance of having the correct keyword theme using SEO Scout.

Next week we will be hosting our SEO Training Workshop here in Phoenix and between June 28th and July 2nd, Ginette Degner and I will be hosting our Las Vegas SEO Training Workshop at the Sam’s Town Hotel and Casino.

Ginette’s and my SEO training workshops are unique where they are very small class sized and hands on and we  work with each individual in the class personally on their own website properties.

We still have opens for both these workshops and Ginette and I would love you become one of our next success stories!

Certified Master SEO Instructor by the Search Engine Academy and CEO and founder of SEO Training SW.
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