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Tonight we hosted a Free SEO Training teleseminar with Arnie Kuenn, the founder and CEO of Vertical Measures, which is a well known and highly respected link building and SEO firm here in Phoenix.

After a brief introductory period Arnie jumped right into the meat of the subject, “Where Can You Find Juicy Links”.

Arnie first explained that he puts links into two main categories, manufactured links and Editorial Links.

Manufactured Links

Manufactured links would be best described as links that you build yourself either on your own website (onsite links) or on other web sites (off site links)

The best manufactured links are those that have an anchor tag using a keyword that describes the products or services that you have on your website. Example, if your website was about “dog training” you would want to have links to your website that had the anchor tag “dog training” in the text.

Some examples of manufactured links are;

  • Internal linking on your own website. This is the simplest place to get backlinks that are anchor tags.An example here would be SEO Training. My main money keyword is SEO Training. So in this example I have linked SEO Training to an internal page on my site that is for our SEO Workhops.
  • Getting links from friends and family. This is often an overlooked opportunity for allot of companies. If you have a friend, family member that has a website ask them to link to your website.You can write an article about the products and services that your company sells that would complement their website content and structure and have an anchor tag in the text that would go to your website.
  • Reciprocal Links; These links still are very powerful if you use them in the right fashion. The one important thing to follow is when you do swap links have your links go to different areas on each other’s website.An example would be I have a link here to Arnie’s website about link building that goes to a page on his site that discusses link building.In turn Arnie would select another page on his website that would link back to my website using the term SEO Training.
  • Donations or membership to other service organizations or clubs: An example I do SEO consulting for the Wickenburg Chamber of Commerce for free, as a donation.  In turn they provide free membership to my company and have a link to this website.
  • Your clients and distributors: If you have a website you should have clients and/or distributors that you work with that have websites. Ask them for a link to your website.
  • Trade products and/or services for links: When I had this was a common practice that I used. I would find other websites that had articles about radar detectors that were not my competitors. I would call them on the phone and ask them for a link and I would give them a free radar detector.
  • Directories; The good directories to obtain links from are ones that you have to pay to get a listing from and that have reviewers that review your link before they are posted. Examples would be Yahoo, BOTW, Yellow Pages.
  • Find blogs in your industry and contact them (by telephone is best) and offer to write an article for them to post on their website with a link back to your website.
  • Press Releases; Write interesting press releases and submit them to the new directory websites, PR Web is the best and worth the $200.00 investment. Arnie related that he has a press release written each week for his clients’ websites and submits them to the news directories.One tip that is to make your press releases controversial. Example would be a press release that I published in 2005 that offered a $50,000. reward to anyone that could show me a competitor’s product (radar jammer) that actually worked as the manufacture advertised.This press release went viral and ended up getting my f mug on CBS, MSNBC, WWOR, Extra, King-TV and even a segment on 20/20!
  • Social Profiles; Signature links in your social profile pages such as LinkedIn, Twitter or any forums that you participate in.

A few other tips Arnie suggested:

  1. Don’t waste your money on these services that advertise that they will add your link to 100’s of directory sites. The links on those properties are not worth that much
  2. Don’t stress over follow and no follow links. It looks more natural to Google if you have a mix of these types of links.
  3. Be careful of who you link to. Don’t like to link farms or bad neighborhoods, this will penalize your website.

Editorial Links

Editorial links are the best type of links to get to your website but they take allot more time and effort to obtain.

The way to get good editorial links to your website is through great content. You heard the expression “Content is King”.  Google is giving more importance to sites that have great content and this is going to become more of a buzz word in the coming two years.

When you have great content on your website people will link to it (as I hope will happen with this posting <grin>)

Arnie then discussed recent Google Algorithm update named “Mayday” that took was implemented across all their datacenters on May 3rd. In this update Google rewards sites with “more Google Love” that have great content.

Questions and Answers

Before opening the presentation up for questions, I reminded Arnie of something he had done at the Online Marketing Summit where he had passed out “link exchange cards” that blew me away. I asked Arnie to explain this further.

Arnie related that he started doing this a few years back and has cards printed out that would ask for website address, keywords and contact information. He would then have audience members fill these out and then ask the attendees to break into groups and exchange the cards.

I then suggested to our audience members that they could do the same thing here in the blog comments area. They could post a comment about tonight’s teleseminar with a link to their website followed by some of the keywords they would be interested in exchanging. Readers would then post a link on their website and then contact the blog poster to inform them of the link and location and in turn that person would then add a link on their website.

Arnie then answered questions from our participants during the call.

I thank Arnie for his valuable time and expertise in being our guest during this teleseminar.

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Do you have any comments and/or questions about link building that you would like to share? If so please post them in the comment area below.

Certified Master SEO Instructor by the Search Engine Academy and CEO and founder of SEO Training SW.
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