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On June 27th we hosted our teleseminar “Can You Really Make Money in Affiliate Advertising”.

During this Seminar there were references to several resources. I want to make sure you have them and an explanation for each.

Link Cloaking or protecting your links. I wrote an article on the four ways to cloak a link and why: AffiliateIdeaFactory is a service that provides link redirects, URL shortening and tracking specifically for marketers. It is designed to protect and track your links. Their fees are monthly and charge $14.95 a month for up to 50,000 monthly clicks.

What is a CPA network?

A CPA offer is a cost per acquisition offer put out by a merchant. The goal is to get the site visitor to give specific information – usually in a lead form. This can be anything from an email address and zip code to a complete address and survey.  CPA offers require less action by the consumer so you can get a lot more participation and earn more with those types of offers.

CPA Networks are the middleman. They manage both the merchant and the affiliate. Networks usually provide the tracking technology, reporting, they are also responsible for making payments to affiliates. ( so getting paid is rarely an issue as the merchant has to put a set amount in escrow to cover affiliate payments)

Where can I find good CPA offers? I mentioned in our seminar. I like OfferVault because it is a paid directory, so it is well maintained. You can see ratings for each offer as well as compare offers. It is free for content publishers/affiliates

Some of you may be interested in the One-on-One Coaching I mentioned from Lurn ( Affiliate Classroom You can get more info on that here:
Discover One on One Coaching

The following is a audio replay of the event:

I will be answering more of the questions submitted so stay tuned!


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