Where Can I Find Those Juicy Links?

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If you’ve have been involved in Search Engine Optimization you know how important backlinks are. But how do you get these backlinks and avoid getting in trouble with the search engines?

It is not sufficient to just have a bunch of other websites link to your site anymore, quality matters. Search engines determine the quality of inbound links and your inbound links should be relevant to the theme of your website.

Example; if your website is about car insurance, then a link to your site from a site that sells shoes has little relevance, therefore it is not a quality link.

Also important are the websites you link to from your website. Linking to a “bad neighborhood” could ultimately get your website banned in the search engines.

So how do you determine bad from good?

We will hear from the man himself who has top placement in Google for the term “Link Building” in Google, Arnie Kuenn!

About Arnie

Arnie Kuenn is the founder and president of Vertical Measures, one of the TOP SEO AGENCIES in the US.

Vertical Measures provides complete SEO & Internet marketing services, designed to help businesses improve their online presence and obtain higher search engine rankings. The company is best known for its quality link building services.

Arnie has held executive positions in the world of new technologies and marketing for more than 20 years. In 1993 he successfully launched a technology and distance education company. The company grew to more than 90 employees in five different states.

In 1999, he founded MediaChoice, an Internet startup which received a patent for its personalization technology. The firm’s clients included CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox and many major movie and music studios. The business was sold to Nielsen Media in 2004. The company conducted extensive Internet marketing which led to the formation of Vertical Measures in 2005.

Mr. Kuenn served on the 2008 Arizona Super Bowl Marketing Committee and is the founder and president of the Arizona Interactive Marketing Association (AZIMA). Arnie has presented at SMX Advanced, AMA Phoenix, Online Marketing Summit, Social Media AZ, EduRG, ASU Cronkite School of Journalism and many online webinars.

Free One Hour Teleseminar With Arnie Kuenn

SEO Training SW and Search Engine Academy SW is sponsoring a one hour teleseminar with Arnie on June 3rd at 10:00 PM Eastern, 7:00 Pacific.

During this free one hour teleseminar hosted by SEO Training SW and the Search Engine Academy SW, Arnie will share with you some of his secrets to build quality back links and will answer your questions on link building strategies!

This free teleseminar is limited to the first 200 people that sign up on this page

Space is limited, so please sign up NOW before it is too late!

Certified Master SEO Instructor by the Search Engine Academy and CEO and founder of SEO Training SW.
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