Can I Really Make A Living With Affiliate Marketing?

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Have you ever asked any of these questions about affiliate marketing?

• Can anybody guide me how affiliate marketing works?
• If suppose I put some affiliate links on my website, how would I know if a person has clicked my referral links. Is there some way to know this?
• Can a company cheat with its affiliate marketing program by not giving payment?
• What kinds of products should you promote?
• What about CPA or cost per acquisition – lead generation?
• What makes the Best Offer?- What things should you be looking for in an affiliate offer.
• What are the top mistakes affiliates make?

If so you will not want to miss our teleseminar with Ginette Degner, “Can I Really Make A Living With Affiliate Marketing?

About Ginette

In 1993, while much of the world was relying on faxes and carrying oversized cellular telephones, Ginette was a stay-at-home mom in Las Vegas, and one of the early pioneers and visionaries using the internet.

Ginette began working online before most people ever knew to get online. In September 1993 she started as an affiliate and consultant with prominent programs such as Net Detective, Planet Ocean, WebShots, ModeraXL. All Aboard Toys KowaBunga! and Dragon Door. But her plans to earn enough money to buy groceries quickly got ruined by her continuous track record of success. Internet marketing compensation soon became Ginette’s source of income for everything – from daily expenses to tuition payments, car payments and investments for the future.

There are over 20,000 companies out there just waiting for you to become their affiliate. Ginette will give you the keys to open the doors to a whole new income stream by partnering with companies that need you to help sell their products. Discover exactly what it takes to pick the right products, and get the best offers from merchants in affiliate marketing. Learn what affiliate marketing mistakes you should never make.

Free One Hour Teleseminar With Ginette Degner

SEO Training SW and Search Engine Academy SW is sponsoring a one hour teleseminar with Ginette on May 27th at 10:00 PM Eastern, 7:00 Pacific.

During this free one hour teleseminar hosted by SEO Training SW and the Search Engine Academy SW, Ginette will answer all your questions on affiliate marketing and share with you her secrets that have made her one of the top affiliates in the US!

This free teleseminar is Available on Replay here:

Certified Master SEO Instructor by the Search Engine Academy and CEO and founder of SEO Training SW.
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