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At one of my first SEO training workshops that I attended as a student back in the early 2000’s the instructor made a statement that has stuck with me during my Internet Marketing career. He said “Whatever you publish online today your children, your grand children and great grandchildren will be able to access it, is so whatever you’re putting online make sure it is accurate and something you would be proud of having them read and learn about you”.

One of the most powerful pages that you can ever build for yourself is a Google Profile page.

You’re Google Profile page can tell your story of who you are, what your interests are and tie in all your other social media properties, your email accounts and your websites to your businesses.

Therefore when you create your Google you should think of it as you’re Google Home page on the web!

Here is a short seven minute video that will teach you how to build a Google Profile page and why they are important in search engine optimization.

Do you have a Google Profile? If so use the comment area to tell us about it and include a link to your profile!

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