How to Use Subliminial Images on Your Website

If using Subliminal Messaging works for Fortune 500 companies, why shouldn’t it work for you?

Madison Ave advertising agencies have been embedding these hidden messaging into their ads for years!

My introduction into subliminal advertising was back in 1975 when I was a college student majoring in television and film production at Grahm Junior College in Boston, and my journalism professor gave us two assignments.

1: Read Wilson Byan Key’s book Subliminal Seduction

2: Review the print ads of JSA that was involved in mail order marketing owned by Joe Sugarman

These two assignments not only taught me how ad media influences our lives and buying decisions by using subliminal triggers, but also helped me while I was an undercover narcotics detective during my law enforcement career and then after my retirement by building an Internet empire with the Radarbusters network which I sold in 2007.

Man You Smell Worse Than I Do, So You Must Be a Bad Ass!

One of the most exciting undercover operations I was involved with during my law enforcement career was targeting a group of bikers in Western Arizona back in 1983. The county of La Paz was just created after splitting with Yuma County and my assignment was to infiltrate the illicit drug community of Parker, which was then controlled by an outlaw motorcycle gang.

As an undercover operative, it is imperative to have a well scripted persona to alleviate any suspicions that may arise that you’re a cop.

My story for this operation was that I was a biker from New Jersey who was on the run from the law. To fit this role I had to be able to “walk the talk” as we called it. One of my tricks was to urinate on my clothing each night, set them out to dry and then put on the following morning.

After riding into town for my briefing with the local Sheriff, who stood ten feet away from me so, he wouldn’t get sick from my disgusting odor, I headed out to the local bars to mingle with the locals.

At the first bar I went to I introduced myself to the bartender Muscle Mike and then ordered dinner and a beer. As I sat at the bar making small talk with Mike, I noticed he would often grab an open pack of cigarettes from behind the bar, offer the pack to a customer who then removed a paper bindle from the cigarette pack and then hand the pack back to Mike with a twenty dollar bill.

But what I found real interesting that every fifteen minutes or so Mike would take several of these open cigarette packs to another person seated at the end of the bar named Lurch and that Lurch would fill these cigarette packs with other paper bindles and hand them back to Mike.

My target that evening became to befriend Lurch.

Lurch stood a few inches taller than I did at about six foot eight and I later learned that he had earned himself the title of being the enforcer for the local drug traffickers.

I introduced myself to Lurch as being interested in finding a drug connection in town and for the first few minutes he seemed a little stand offish until one of the waitresses came up to him and whispered something into his ear.

It was only after this operation was completed that I learned that this waitress had copied down the license plate of my vehicle and ran it though some friends Lurch had. The waitress had whispered in his ear my cover name and that I was wanted out of New Jersey.

At this point Lurch wrapped his arms around my shoulders making a comment that I really needed to take a shower while accepting me into his clan and said this “Roy, there is only one thing you need to understand when you work with me and that is find out who our competition is and take them out”

The operation it was a total success, not only did we shut down a drug syndicate by arresting our targets, but also identified the source of the illicit narcotics while also seizing several vehicles and boats.

From Arresting Dopers to Selling Rocks

I started my online marketing career back in 1996 after my retirement from law enforcement.

Back then there were only 100,000 other websites and there wasn’t much information on how to design or market products online, so I fell back to what I learned in my advertising classes from my journalism professor and pulled out copies of Wilson’s Key’s book and Joe Sugarman’s latest book Triggers.

My first website was for a construction contractor who lived in Wickenburg named Jim Jenkins. During my first meeting with Jim he told me that he wanted to sell rocks on the Internet.

Jim went on to explain that he made faux rock (fiberglass rocks) from his garage that could be used for landscaping and home/business construction.

I told Jim sure, pay me $500.00 and I would have the website done by the end of the week.

Six months later Jim contacted me saying that he had struck gold! A large corporation had found his website and offered him a lucrative contract worth millions.

He related that he was moving his operation to Oregon, renting a large building and hiring staff to build these faux rocks.

Jim then shook my hand thanking me for transforming his business and transforming his life.

During this same juncture I had another client who lived outside of Wickenburg whose family owned a kitty litter mine.

During our first meeting she explained that she wanted to sell dirt online!

She explained that it was a family secret that by taking the residue that was left over in the processing of the kitty litter and mixing it with yogurt, would make a face mask that would dry up oily skin.

Again I said sure, pay me $500.00 and you’ll have a website by the end of the week.

Well she didn’t win a multimillion dollar contract, however a national cosmetics firm did buy the licensing for her product for six figures!

Again I got a hand shake and a thank you for transforming her business and transforming her life….

The Birth of Radar Roy

That evening I sat down and made the decision that I would focus on transforming my business in that I wouldn’t develop other people’s websites anymore and that I would only sell my stuff.

But what could I retired cop sell?

Thought about selling hand cuffs, that would be a kinky website.

Thought about guns, but then about the repercussions with the ATF.

Then radar detectors!

During my twenty year law enforcement career I became a certified police radar instructor and taught hundreds of police officers on how to enforce traffic laws.

What if I joined the “dark side” reviewing and selling radar detectors and offering tips on how to beat traffic tickets?

I teamed up with Subliminal Bill another web developer that I became friends with and that night Radar Roy was born.

I Then Struck Gold by Selling Radar Radar Roy

When we launched RadarBusters there were already several other websites that were already selling radar detectors. I took a different route, I sold the persona of Radar Roy. I felt that if we could frame Radar Roy as the expert in the speed counter measurement industry and create trust with our prospective clients, that we could dominate this niche and I was right.

The first week online I didn’t even have a radar detector in inventory, but three days later I had already sold my first five radar detectors.

I drove down to my local Best Buy store, bought ten radar detectors that I used to fulfill the orders, while scrambling to find a wholesaler.

That first month we sold $5,000 worth of radar detectors online.

A few years later my wife and I were on vacation in Deadwood South Dakota when something happened that made both of us realize that we had stuck gold and I was on my way to transforming my life.

We were both walking along the side of the main road when someone started screaming at us, “Radar Roy, Radar Roy“.

This individual run up to us and stopped and related “Radar Roy, I was on your website last night watching your videos about radar detectors. It was just like you were sitting on my living room couch explaining the differences between the different types of radar detectors. Roy I bought one of YOUR detectors and I just want to thank you!

Over the course of the next seven years I grew the Radarbusters network to a network of forty five other websites and hundreds of other web properties that included article submission sites, video sharing sites and other social media properties.

The #1 Reason to My Success – Triggers!

When I look back the to the last fifteen years of what not only transformed my business and my life but also to the clients and students I had consult with it, it all lead back to knowing what the physiological triggers that I used to create trust and desire the products we marketed online.

From following my mentor Joe Sugarman I learned that the number one thing to becoming a successful marketer is to become an expert or at least know more than your competitors about your products, to understand who your perfect customer is and understand what their triggers were to fulfill their fantasy result.

Being the expert was the easy part for me. I was a retired cop and certified radar instructor. Identifying who my perfect customer was much harder.

At first I envisioned a twenty something testosterone filled male who drove a sports car and who liked to drive fast, boy did I get that wrong!

After interviewing many of my customers on the phone who called in their orders I discovered that my perfect customer was 45 years old male, married with two kids, earned $35,000 a year, was an insurance salesman, hated their job, wore brown khaki pants and his name was Jim.

Jim’s fantasy was to drive a Ferrari on the open road with the top down as fast as he could, with a radar detector on the dash, beating out the man.

I knew that Jim would probably never live out his fantasy in the real world, however through my ad copy and my videos I was able to place Jim into the driver’s seat to live out his fantasy online.

As an example, one of my most successful marketing campaigns was in 2007 when I drove in the Fireball Cross Country race from Orlando Florida to Los Angles.

With my arsenal of radar detectors and laser jammers and speeding down through our Interstate highway system, I reviewed all of the radar detectors through a live webcam and blogged about my experience on my blog.

Once I fully understood what triggers I would use to persuade by prospective customer I would work on the laying out the website with our web designer.

Together we would create the buying element which consisted of the headline, sub headline, photos/images, copy, logos, the price and of course a call to action.

All of these elements were primary designed to do one thing and one thing only, have the reader read the first sentence in my ad copy.

I made sure that the first sentence was easy to read and that was compelled to read it.

As Joe Sugarman eludes to in his book Triggers, I kept it simple and stupid.

The purpose of the first sentence is then get the reader to read the second sentence, then the third and if you’re successful (as I hope that I am in this article) you’ve created what Joe calls the Slippery Slide.

When you create your sales copy remember your intent is NOT to sell the product or service but to sell the concept.

Your job is to “Sell the sizzle, not the steak.”

Another important concept that a lot of E-Marketers forget about is that you must justify the purchase in the mind of the prospective client by providing some justification to the buyer and to create a “satisfaction conviction”.

When I operated Radarbusters the biggest objection I received from my perfect customers in recommending a $300.00 radar detector was, “If my wife found out I would have to return it.”

All my other competitors charged a 15% restocking fee and you had to return it within 15 days.

I didn’t charge any restocking fee and I had an unconditional 60 day money back guarantee.  If you wanted to return the detector within this 60 day period you could, no questions asked and you would receive all your money back including shipping.

When I met with my other competitors in the radar detector niche they often asked me about this and my reply was, “Man, this was the stupidest thing I ever done! I get over 45% of my detectors returned to me and its killing my bottom line” when in reality I would get back maybe three radar detectors each month and I would sell them as used on Ebay still over the wholesale price I paid for them.

The #2 Reason to My Success – Subliminal Suggestion

I realize that there is a lot of debate about Subliminal Advertising and that there are allot of Madison Avenue Marketing gurus who dispute that they use it in their ad copy, however I will tell you this; I used it on my Radarbusters website, I used it on other clients websites and I am even using it on this website that your reading now and so far my results show that it works. Let me give you an example, which radar detector would you buy?

Radar Detector #1 Radar Detector #2

The illustration in this example is a little exaggerated for this article but I’m sure that you will notice that each of these radar detectors are exactly the same except for one thing, the placement and position of the power cord.

When I performed this A/B spit test on my Radarbusters website, radar detector A would outsell radar detector b by as much as 45%!

Why you may ask, well read on, it gets more interesting at this point.

What is Subliminal Stimuli?

Wikipedia describes Subliminal Stimuli as:

Any sensory stimulation below an individual’s absolute threshold for conscious perception. Visual stimuli may be quickly flashed before an individual may process them, or flashed and then masked, thereby interrupting the processing. Audio stimuli may be played below audible volumes, similarly masked by other stimuli, or recorded backwards in a process called backmasking. Introduced in 1897, the concept became controversial as subliminal messages in 1957 when marketing practitioners claimed its potential use in persuasion.

Six Types of Audiovisual Techniques

There are basically six types of audiovisual techniques many of which I utilize in this website you are reading now, they are;

  • Ruben Vase
  • Embedding
  • Double Entendre
  • Tachistoscopic Displays
  • Low Intensity Lighting and Low Volume Sound
  • Lighting and Background Sound

In Wilson Byan Key’s book Subliminal Seduction, he relates that the two most often used subliminal triggers are the fear of death and sexual themes. Here are a couple examples;

OMG, what is going on here?

Are You Still Flavoring a Chicken McNugget?

How I Used Subliminal Suggestion on My RadarBusters website

Keeping in mind that my perfect customer was; he was a male in his 40’s, married with two kids, who hated his job; I want you to look at this opening image that I had on my Radarbusters website and see if you can find the hidden embeds:

RadarBusters Website

First look over my right shoulder, is this really a mountain peak?

No, it is an image of a women’s breast that Subliminal Bill manipulated into the photo. The redness of the peak (nipple) symbolized woman’s excitement.

If you look to the left of the mountain peak (the nipple) you will see the letter E in the clouds. To the left of that in the mountain is the letter S, the letter X then can be implied by the viewer in the word SEX.

Now look closely at my thumb, is it really my thumb? I’ll let you be the judge of what it really is.

As to the reasoning of having the bunny as my main logo of the Radarbusters website.

Not only is the Rabbit is a symbol of sexual vitality, but one of my favorite Disney movies that utilized subliminal messaging was the Roger Rabbit series. It was reported that Steven Spielberg gave his animators carte blanche to embed as many hidden jokes and subliminal messages into the movie. It also came sort of a game to many insiders to find as many of the hidden embeds hidden in the movie.

Ok, So What’s the Fuss with Your Radar Detector Cords?

Our Radarbusters website sold radar detectors that were manufactured from many different manufactures including; Escort, Beltronics, Whistler and Cobra.

The Escort and Beltronics radar detectors were the best performing radar detectors we sold and they had the highest profit margin.

On the other hand the Cobra radar detectors were the worst performing radar detectors along with the lowest profit margin.

So my intent with the power cord placement was to show the higher quality radar detectors with a power plug that was erect, while depicting the lower end radar detectors with a power cord that looked weak or flaccid.

Did it work? Well I sold four million dollars of radar detectors each year and I sold the website for over seven figures in 2007, you tell me!

The #3 Reason to My Success – Search Engine Optimization!

I know you’re thinking right now that I teach SEO and that this should be my #1 reason that I attribute to my online success, but really it isn’t.

Sure my Radarbusters website was number one in Google for five years for the term radar detectors along with several of our sites held other top listing in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages)

But before I was able to sell one radar detector or start any search engine optimization, I needed to have copy that engaged the reader which compelled them to take action.

Do other Internet Marketers’ Do This Same Sort of Thing?

Of course they do and one of the most successful Internet Marketers in the world today, Frank Kern utilizes these techniques on his properties, however he chooses to call it NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Here is an example of a video that Frank produced while riding in his car while discussing his Mass Control training series that utilized the tachistoscopic display technique.

Become A

As Frank Kern is discussing that he is only driving 19 miles an hour while shooting his video, the camera pans to the speedometer, at 4.25 minutes into the video you will see the words “Become A”
Become A Member
At 4.38 minutes into the video you will see the word “Member”

How About Facebook???

Do You Still Do This Subliminal Suggestion Stuff on Your Current Websites and Do You Teach It?

Of course we utilize these techniques on our own and client’s websites and in fact this website your reading now contains over 22 Subliminal Triggers on just the home page.

As far as teaching students on how to utilize “triggers” in your ad copy yes. This is covered in our curriculum on copywriting and how to develop your USP (unique selling proposition).

As you may already know, Joe Sugarman has become one of our clients and we are developing a series of websites which focus on health and longevity products.

Joe will be our special guest at our June SEO workshop in Las Vegas. If you would like to meet the Jedi Master himself, I would recommend that you sign up for our workshop now.

As far as teaching you how we put subliminal embeds into our images and videos, we do not teach a formal class at this time. However if enough interest is generated, I will consider putting a DVD video series together on this subject.

Find My Triggers – Win An Ipad!

Are you up for a little challenge after reading this article? Would you like to win a two day pass to our basic SEO Training Workshop valued at $1095.00 or a new Ipad?

If so take me up on my challenge and find the 22 Subliminal Triggers and Embeds that I have on the home page of this website,

The first person that correctly identifies the all or the most subliminal triggers and embeds that are contained in our ad copy, videos and images will have their choice of receiving a two day pass at one of our SEO Workshops or a 16 GB Wi-Fi Ipad valued at $499.00.

Submissions must be received before June 11th and you can submit your entry by clicking here

The winner will be announced at our Las Vegas Workshop on July 2nd and the winners name will be posted as an addendum to this article.

Certified Master SEO Instructor by the Search Engine Academy and CEO and founder of SEO Training SW.
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