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One of the biggest problems with of having multiple sites is that it’s such a pain trying to monitor their search engine rankings. It’s not enough just to pop into google and see where your site ranks for one or two keywords.

No, if you’re trying to earn a living online, doesn’t matter if you are a professional SEO or an someone using a network of blogs to earn your money online, there just isn’t an easy way to monitor all your sites at once.

I have used quite a few different tools out there to find out my rankings per keyword and all sorts of other things.

Now I have found a solution to end my headache, and it’s called

So what is the Master Site Manager?

Master Site Manager is a web-based SEO monitoring software and domain management tool that lets webmasters manage the SEO tracking and statistics for their entire network of web
properties – all from a single control panel.

Even if you only operate and manage one web site, Master Site Manager will save you an amazing amount of time each week by tracking and monitoring all of your key SEO statistics and
keyword rankings for you automatically.

If you are an Internet marketer, Web designer, Web developer or Professional SEO and manage multiple web sites, blogs or social media pages, MasterSiteManager will literally save you hours each
and every month.

Here’s how MasterSiteManager works:

MasterSiteManager takes all of your domain, web property and keyword information and monitors and compiles statistical reports for you automatically. It can even track your competitors search
engine stats too!

Using a proprietary algorithm, the MasterSiteManager SEO monitoring software consolidates all of the tools that professional SEO companies use every day to track and compile reports for their clients – thereby making it super simple for you to see “at a glance” exactly how your web properties are doing in the search engines – and why.

What does MasterSiteManager track?

MasterSiteManager tracks total Back Links, total Pages Indexed, Page rank, Alexa rank, Keywords, Keyword Phrases, IP addresses, Web Site Uptime, you Web Hosts, Domain Registrars, Social Media
Pages and Properties, Articles, and even your Competitors Rankings.

What makes this better then desktop based SEO ranking software?

That’s easy. MasterSiteManager offers webmasters and entrepreneurs true flexibility and freedom for because you aren’t tied down to your desktop or laptop anymore.

You can monitor your SEO stats from any computer, cell phone or even your iPad!

They’re also a LOT faster then desktop software and you can get the stats for ALL your sites at once, instead of having to do just one web site or property one at a time. And best of all there is NO risk of having your IP address banned. And as an added time saver, MasterSiteManager, will track all your domain, hosting, accounts and site uptime too.

The Truth about SEO & Keyord Optimization:

When it comes to optimizing your keywords, most reputable professional SEO companies will tell you that you can’t really do quality “SEO” on more than 25 keywords at a time. In fact, if you’re doing a really thorough job you don’t want to concentrate on more than 10 at once.

But for those that one to go big, they offer several different SEO monitoring packages that let you monitor, track and manage anywhere from 10-250 URLs at once.

Plus Master Site Manager offers different SEO Tracking packages that let you monitor, track and manage anywhere from 10 to 250 accounts simultaneously.

Master Site Manager updates your sites stats automatically once every seven days. This is because, typically sold changes in rankings often take a week or more. However, you can log into your account at any time and schedule an immediate stats update.

Additionally, at any time during the week should your stats change and your rankings go up or down, the system will send you an immediate e-mail notifying you that there has been a change in your rankings.

Plus, they monitor web site up time as well. If your site ever goes off line, they’ll even send you an email notification too. Some companies charge for this type of monitoring – per URL, but they offer it as part of their standard feature set.

It’s saved me hours this month alone.

Certified Master SEO Instructor by the Search Engine Academy and CEO and founder of SEO Training SW.
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