Sugarman Speaks at SEO Training SW Class

Joe Sugarman, builder of the BluBlocker Sunglasses empire, was our special guest at our SEO Training SW class in Las Vegas, Nevada in June 2010.

The marketing and advertising legend then came to Phoenix, Arizona to speak to the students of the SEO Training SW 5-day class. Presenting the talk that normally pays him thousands of dollars per appearance, Joe effortlessly created another rendition of his famous “slippery slide.” The audience was helpless and hanging on every word.

Joe Sugarman is the famous advertising copywriter and the best-selling author of the classic cult-like bible, “Triggers.” Joe shared with the class how he studied and learned on a mass scale which advertising approaches worked, and which ones didn’t. In analyzing the ads that achieved a high degree of success, he discovered they were clearly successful because of certain underlying psychological triggers. He identified 30 of these triggers that activate psychological forces buried deep within the subconscious brain. What is the importance of these triggers to your website? They cause people to buy.

My major in college was communications and marketing and Joe Sugarman was an icon I began to follow back in the 1970’s.

In his laid back but fascinating 1-2 hour presentation, Joe took all of us on a ride through much of his life and career in marketing. He didn’t need the support of fancy graphics or a powerpoint presentation. He captivated us by using one of the keys to internet marketing gold — Joe Sugarman told powerful stories.

Joe explained how he learned the power of marketing across all levels of his schooling. He marched us through some fun marketing stories in the U.S. Army. Then told us how snow helped launch his career in advertising. Next, Joe opened our eyes to behind the scenes information on his domination with BluBlocker Sunglasses (and gave everyone a pair of the cool, new line coming out soon).

Joe Sugarman then explained the innovative products and websites that our new company, TKO SEO is consulting with with him on. This collaboration will provide a trip into the future for all of you.

You create your roadmap to success when you combine proven traditional marketing methods with proven search engine optimization knowledge. You get results that Google will love. You also get results that can transform your business and transform your life.

Certified Master SEO Instructor by the Search Engine Academy and CEO and founder of SEO Training SW.
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