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The date of our March SEO Meetup has been changed as I will be speaking at a Mobile Marketing and Local Search seminar in NYC during the week of our regularly scheduled meeting.

The new date of our Phoenix March Meetup is March 25th at 7:00 PM

During our March SEO Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Meetup presentation we will discuss some basic SEO topics that are very important to promote your online business;

– Basic SEO terms and what they mean
– On Page Page SEO Factors
– Off Page SEO Factors
– Local Search
– Usability
– Free SEO Tools that you can use
– Why SEO is important

Also during this Meetup I will be discussing some of my “take aways” from the NYC event I’ll be attending and speaking at the week prior.

Most of the topics presented during this Meetup will help members understand some of the basic factors that are important if they are considering starting their own own online business and a review for all our “Internet Sharks” that are already making money online.

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SEO Workshop

Our March SEO and Internet Marketing Workshop has SOLD OUT!!!

Many of our members have taken the next step by becoming certified in Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing by attending our basic and advanced SEO Training Workshop that is offered in conjunction with the Search Engine Academy.

Here are a couple of our “Success Stories” from several of our past students:

Jovan Will; Jovan began his training and consulting with our SEO Workshopone year ago THIS MONTH!

His online business, [url=][/url], offers confidential STD testing through outside medical testing centers throughout the USA.

In less than a year Jovan and his army of outsources has created an online presence consisting of over 21 employees and ten websites.

Tom Wilkerson; Tom was one of our first students that enrolled in our Search Engine Academy workshop two years ago. Tom’s main website [url=][/url] offers certified OSHA training.

Even with the downturn in today’s economy Thomas relates that our training and ongoing SEO mentorship has enabled him to provide a lifestyle for his family that only three years ago that he would dream about.

Are you ready to take the next step???

Are you considering updating your resume as to make yourself more marketable in today’s challenging market?

Are you ready to fire your boss and start your own profitable home based business?

Are you ready to also provide you and your family “the lifestyle” that you’ve only dreamed about?

If so sign up NOW for our June Phoenix Search Engine Academy workshop event now before it sells out!

Certified Master SEO Instructor by the Search Engine Academy and CEO and founder of SEO Training SW.
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