Life Changing Events!

My daughter Erin, was by my side during the heyday of Radarbusters; answering the hundreds of telephone calls, emails, packing the orders and pitching in with copywriting and image editing.

She was also by my side when we received the phone call from Netshops offering to buy our empire of websites and social media properties for over seven figures.

After this life changing phone call with both Erin and I celebrating that we were millionaires, she broke the news to me “Dad, I have a boyfriend (Thomas) in Flagstaff and we are in love, we are getting
married. We just didn’t know how to break the news that I wouldn’t be here with you with Radarbusters forever

Well time has finally come, next month my little girl Erin and Thomas are getting married in Las Vegas!

Focus on What You Want!

At last week’s SEO class Joe Sugarman was my featured guest and speaker. At the beginning of Joe’s presentation he spoke about focusing on things you want to change in your life. Joe began his presentation with three questions:

1- If you want to improve your health, what do you focus on?
2 – If you want to improve your business, what do you focus on?
3 – If you want to focus on making money, what do you focus on?

Our students initially replied:
A – Focus on a healthy lifestyle
B – Focus on improving your business
C- And focus on making money

Joe responded that everyone got A and B right, but everyone was wrong with C, focusing on making money.

He related that if we only focus on making money we are in effect trading hours for dollars. To become financially successful you must focus on helping others become successful too.

Joe’s message resonated with me looking back at my success and the other business owners that I’ve worked with over the years.

Erin’s and my success with Radarbusters was to first provide unmatched service to our customers; they then told their friends who in turn told their friends. Thus I created my own tribe of clients.

We have replicated this same philosophy in helping others become successful with our Meetups and SEO and Internet Marketing Workshops, here are a couple of examples;

Carol Sprauge: I first met Carol at an event where she asked to have her website reviewed. Carol was 63 years old and full of excitement saying that she had learned Front Page and PhotoShop and that this was her first website selling tire pressure monitors.

Well to say her website sucked would be an understatement. However she took our recommendation to heart and the site was redesigned. One year later she became a millionaire.

Jesse Musick: Last June Jesse sat in one of our “Hot Seats” as he called it. He had just launched his new website promoting tools for Internet Marketing. I spent the first 20 seconds looking at Jesse’s site and asked, “What the heck do you sell here, I don’t have a clue?”

We then gave Jesse suggestions on how to improve his site, focusing on the benefits of his programs, not the features.

Jesse called me last week saying that he had made all of these changes and is ready to launch his new site. I looked it over this weekend and I’m positive that Jesse will be very successful in his new venture.

Are You Ready for Your Next Life Changing Event?

If so then you don’t want to miss next month’s Meetup or our March SEO Workshop.

We moved back our normal Meetup date one week so I can be by my daughter’s side as I walk her down the aisle, giving her away at her wedding.

But the following week, February 25th, I’ll be at your side when as we put members of our Meetup in the “hot seat” where we will be doing site reviews.

I’m positive that there will be many of you that will want to sign up for this event as soon as you read this postl, however the meeting room at Bill Johnson’s can only accommodate fifty attendees . So to avoid problems such as from our last Meetup where 50 members sign up and 15 did not attend, you will be charged $5.00 through Paypal when you RSVP.

This small $5.00 investment is thus your commitment to the other members of our group that you’re ready to take action and learn about Internet Marketing from our group.

Let Us Help You Get Focused!

To be truly successful as an Internet Marketer you will need to become focused and stop treating your interest in Internet Marketing as a hobby or as a passing interest. You need to treat this as a real opportunity to change the lifestyle of your business, family and your life.

As you’re reading this I’m sure that you may be asking yourself right now, “ok, Roy how do I accomplish this?

Well the secret is to become focused and to learn about SEO and Internet Marketing from the ground up so you will have the knowledge and skills to be successful in the highly competitive online business world.

The next question you’re probably asking yourself is “Ok, I don’t have the time or I don’t think I have the basic skills to learn all this stuff.

Remember Carol, the 64 year old lady that is now a millionaire selling tire pressure monitors? She said the same thing to me after our review of her website.

But she stepped up to the plate, learned everything she could at our SEO Workshop and became successful and quit her full time job in only three months after her launch.

Are you ready to step up to the plate and to stop working for a paycheck but for a lifestyle?

If so we have six openings left for our March basic and advanced SEO workshop.

Our last two SEO Classes were sold out, so don’t miss this opportunity, sign up now!

Certified Master SEO Instructor by the Search Engine Academy and CEO and founder of SEO Training SW.
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