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One of the most critical and costly mistakes businesses make when creating their online presence is the development of their website.

As an example over the past several weeks I was brought in as a consultant by two separate companies whose goal was to increase their positioning in the organic search results (free search engine rankings) and to increase their Google AdWords quality scores to lower their pay-per-click advertising.

Both clients had new websites that were developed by outside web design companies that had no background and/or experience with search engine optimization and the cost of each of these clients’ sites was over $12,000.00.

When I met with each client and showed them the problems with their new websites and telling them that it wasn’t going to work, their first comment to me was “Well I paid all this money to these guys, shouldn’t had they known better?

My short answer is no and this is why;

Many web developers take short cuts when building websites using stock images, templates and wizards taking the “website out of the box” approach and building what I refer to as an “economy car”.

You can never take an economy car out to the Indy 500 or a NASAR event and expect to win, to be successful you need a high performance race car!

The same is true with your online presence with Google being the ultimate endurance event.

In other words in order to be successful in today’s online market you need to have a high performance website that will dominate your competition.

Now I’m sure that you’re thinking to yourself “Heck, I have to spend boat loads of money to have someone like you to build this high performance
website so I can be successful in Google
”, my answer is no!

However what you do need is some of the basic understandings of what the search engines like and dislike.

Therefore, during our FREE SEO Training Meetup in September, I show you some of the most common errors people make while developing their websites along with free tools and web publishing programs that you can use to get started.

And if any of our participants are brave enough, we will also do site reviews of their websites giving tips on how they can improve their online presence.

For more information about this free event and/or to sign up, click here.

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Certified Master SEO Instructor by the Search Engine Academy and CEO and founder of SEO Training SW.
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