Are You the Real Joe Sugarman?

My background in Internet Advertising actually started taking root way back in the seventies when I majored in television and film production with a minor in advertising at Grahm Junior College in Boston, Ma.

joe_sugarmanOne of my most memorable classes was when a professor introduced us to the writing style of Joe Sugarman, who owned JS&A Group Inc, America’s largest source of Spaced-Age products such as the Pocket Yellow Pages, the Soviet Challenge chess game and the Nuclear Mailbox.

At that time Joe was the Direct Marketing Man of the Year and in 1991 was presented with the prestigious Maxwell Sackmein Award for his contributions to direct marketing.

After my retirement from law enforcement in 1997 is when I decided to dive into the brave new world of Internet Marketing with my Radarbusters website and I dusted off my old class notes to freshen up my marketing skills.

Joe Sugarman tip #1: You must become an Expert

Well this was easy, I was a retired cop and I taught hundreds of other cops to use radar guns and write speeding tickets, therefore I was an expert in traffic enforcement and speed enforcement radar. The persona of Radar Roy was born.

Joe Sugarman tip #2: You Must Know Your Customer

This was the hard part, who was my customer?

At first I envisioned testosterone filled young men with supercharged cars drag racing down the highway, boy did I get that part wrong!

My perfect customer ended up being a 35 year old insurance salesman, married with two kids, earning $35,000 a year who hated their job.

His “fantasy result” was driving a Ferrari with a radar detector on the windshield driving on the Interstate with the top down outsmarting “the man”.

Joe Sugarman tip #3: Plant the Seeds

My perfect customer normally called or emailed me on a Monday because they got a ticket over the weekend and wanted to know how to beat their ticket.

I gave them my advice while “planting the seed” on how to avoid the next ticket by recommending the perfect radar detector that cost over $300.00.

At this time I heard the familiar “my wife would kill me if she knew I spent $300.00, don’t you have something cheaper?

Sure I did, but they were not as effective as the $300.00 unit.

My $300.00 unit would detect the police officer’s radar guns seven times the distance more than the cheaper models and lets not forget about the cost of the ticket and the increase of your auto insurance over the next three years. Besides I offer a full money back guarantee if your wife finds out, just return it in the next 60 days, no questions asked.

I knew I was on target, I knew their desires, their “fantasy result” and answered all their objections. It was here that they pulled the “trigger” and purchased one of my $300.00 radar detectors!

Over the next ten years I repeated this process over and over reinforcing my message in videos and my copyrighting and growing the RadarBusters network to include a number of other websites, making my moniker the third most used keyword term when searching for a radar detector and positioning the brand to a seven figure business that completely dominated the radar detector niche.

Then in 2007 one of my competitors bought me out, a dream come true.

After taking a year off to fulfill some of the items on my bucket list, like learning how to fly a plane, I decided to jump back into Internet Marketing full time as a consultant and teacher.

A few weeks ago I was on a conference call with one of my first students who today works for an Internet Marketing firm and is also is self employed as an affiliate marketer. We were discussing a website they were planning on launching and wanted some SEO tips. Also on the phone was someone named of Joe Sugarman, could it really be the Joe Sugarman that I idolized as a budding Internet Marketer?

Are you the same Joe Sugarman who wrote Triggers?” Joe replied yes and then asked how I knew about him and his book.

I explained that I had followed him for years and that he played a large role in my success as an Internet Marketer.

joe-signA few days later to my surprise a UPS truck shows up at my office with package containing a box of BluBlocker sunglasses and signed copies of his books!

Then the following day I’m asked by my student for my opinion on his firm’s new website.

This site focuses on a woman’s skin care product so not having any experience in this product or market I take the next logical step and round up some of my neighbors to look at a website.

The first neighbor her mid sixties comments; “It looks like a cheap ad at Walmart

The second neighbor in her 40’s; “That model looks fake, no one could ever look that good, I don’t trust this site

Then the third neighbor in her 20’s; “I don’t trust what they are saying or what they are selling that model doesn’t look real to me

OMG! Now to report this to my student who would then would report it to his Internet Marketing firm…

As I passed on the bad news I also made suggestions on how the site could be salvaged.

I was careful not trying to come off as some Internet marketing guru because in reality I was just putting a new spin on some good old fashion marketing tips that Joe used and taught during his career.

But nothing could prepare me for what happened next!

In a follow-up email I was asked if I would be interested in developing their entire web design and SEO campaign not only for that site, but several others that were under development.

Oh, and by the way my student added, Joe Sugarman is the CEO of the company and you would be working with him.

Certified Master SEO Instructor by the Search Engine Academy and CEO and founder of SEO Training SW.
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