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As teaching others to become successful online is a passion of mine I was very excited to open this week’s advanced Search Engine Optimization workshop to a sold out class.

Unlike other Internet Marketing classes that you may have attended or seen promoted, I keep my student to instructor ratio low as my training is very interactive, hands on and because each student has different levels of background and their own expectations.

Several examples;

One student who owns a family based service business in the Phoenix metro area and they didn’t have their own website or any experience in Internet Marketing at all. His goal was to learn what was involved in developing an effective online marketing campaign so he could compete with the national companies in his local market.

Another student owned their own web design company. Her goal in attending this class was to learn keyword research, LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing), copywriting and other SEO skills so she could offer those services to her client’s.

And two students who wanted to promote their own online businesses along with other client properties. Both of their goals by attending this class were to learn how to achieve better organic search results in the SERPS (search engine result pages) and how to sharpen their skills in competitive research.

During the first two days of the class we focused on the basics, which included:

•    Keyword research, using tools such as Word Tracker, Market Samurai, Google Keyword Tool, Google’s Wonder Wheel, and Insight for Search.
•    How to create trust and desire and fulfill your visitors “fantasy result” in your website’s copy and imagery.
•    How to get your website noticed and indexed by the search engines
•    What is Page Rank and how to get it with internal and external link building strategies.
•    How to increase conversions

Then the following three days we covered the advanced topics which included:
•    Advanced LSI using “Google Eyes” and tools developed by instructors within the Search Engine Academy
•    How to creating a unique point of difference
•    Mind Mapping
•    Social Networking which included; how to use social bookmarking, pinging, back linking and using news readers.
•    How to get a listing on the first page of Google within hours and how to make that listing sticky.
•    Advanced SEO tools and methods for competitive analysis, link building and social media.
•    The power of outsourcing and resources you can use to create your own armies to take out competitors in your market.

It was exciting each morning as several of the students discussed how they were already implementing some of my tips and suggestions presented the previous day in class on their websites and reporting that they were already seeing results.

Today we wrapped up the five day class by reviewing all the material while also providing each with an easy to follow checklist and my entire five day presentation on a USB device followed by the final exam for certification in Advanced Search Engine Optimization by the Search Engine Academy which all students successfully passed.

The following are some of the comments the students left me in their final feedback and evaluations forms from the class:

A ton of good information that I will have to go back and review and use. Overall a great class which gives me inspiration along with the techniques to achieve my goals” – Scott

Loved the class, I now have a starting point with enough knowledge to bring my company to the top of local search without it costing me lots of money” – Doug

It was awesome learning from someone that has actually used these techniques themselves to become successful online while exposing all of his secrets he had developed and used to dominate his niche” – Margie

Certified Master SEO Instructor by the Search Engine Academy and CEO and founder of SEO Training SW.
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