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The last couple weeks have been very hectic for me and I’m just now catching up after being away from my office.

Two weeks ago I spent the week in Omaha with Netshops, a niche Internet retailer that purchased my RadarBusters network in 2007, discussing the current trends and products in the speed counter measure industry with their staff.

Netshops is listed as 82nd on the Internet Retailer magazine’s top 500 list and in 2007 Inc Magazine named them the nation’s 5th fastest growing retailer in the US.

A large part of Netshops success I feel is due to their focus on niche markets with their various specialty stores that focus on products that are “best of breed” and their staff’s “can do attitude“.

This same level of success has also been mirrored with several of my other client’s websites who have this same focus and attitude;

One client whose specialty is RV and commercial truck accessories.

A client whose niche is specialty accessories for the off road market.

And a client who offers online training in OSHA safety.

One effect of our economies meltdown observed is that companies that have this “Can Do Attitude” are re-evaluating their marketing priorities and are discarding or reducing their print, yellow page and newspaper advertising all of which are difficult to measure ROI (return on investment) and turning their attention toward Internet advertising.

Therefore it was not all that surprising to me that when I returned home to teach our Phoenix SEO training workshop last week that my class was sold out!

Students included web developers, the CEO of a lead generation company, other SEO and Internet marketing professionals, the owners of several e-commerce websites, the director of a home/business service company and an individual that specializes in usability issues for the blind.

During my five day SEO workshop the main theme that was echoed by the students that the current state of our economy had opened new and exciting marketing opportunities for each of them as they embraced the power building a niche through competitive and market research, keyword research, Latent Semantic Indexing, how to identify and target your audience, creating the “Fantasy Result”, and the power of social media.

Certified Master SEO Instructor by the Search Engine Academy and CEO and founder of SEO Training SW.
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