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Tonight I hosted our June Teleseminar for our Az SEO and Internet Marketing MeetUp Group with a total of 36 members during the call.

Here is a recap of questions and comments during the event:

Ryan – Surprise Az:
If you could pick one philosophy, approach or mentality that was most helpful in empowering you to make money for yourself, instead of other people, what would that be?

Kelly – Phoenix Az:
1) Say I’m trying to think of a name for my web site/product. Where do you recommend we go to see if the name is being used?
2) I heard Go Daddy is not the best place to buy a Domain site do you agree? And If not what’s best?
3) Lastly I heard that once I/ we do get a domain that it’s important to NOT just leave it Stagnant. Best to at least have a park page and get some links to it yet have our own text. Agree?

Jeff Green-Mesa, Az:
Thank you very much for your time Radar, your great, I look forward to learning from you.

Steven Scheeler – Mesa Az:
What is a good bounce rate for Google analytics?

Jeff Green – Mesa Az:
What is organic marketing?

Travis Merrick-Chandler Az:
Hello Roy, I am glad to get in on this. Preach it brother! It has been a while!

Bill – Tempe Az:
What does your good buddy Howie Schwartz do to get on page one of Google so quickly and consistently?

Brian Johnson – Phoenix Az:
With Google’s recent changes/enhancements for LOCAL search, have you seen a drop in your national organic traffic? If so, what’s a good approach for balancing the two (local vs. national) assuming it’s not a local product/service?

Steven Scheeler-Mesa Az:
Any Marketing seo ideas for the New google WAVE coming up?

And the top question asked tonight and who won a free GoGuides directory listing was:

Skylar-Scottsdale, Az:
The question is regarding list building techniques. On a site that is new with little traffic or traffic that is just beginning, do you have some recommendations on how to quickly build an email list? In other words, do you have recommendations on a ways to quickly build an email list while implementing all the SEO basics and social marketing basics that create traffic. I’ll be running a contest or any giving some things away as part of my strategy. Any ideas on things you have done to build a list quickly? Just saw Frank Kerns, triangle of trust. Will try that also.

I would like to thank everyone that participated and you can listen in to this Teleseminar by clicking the button below and listen in to my answers to these great questions!


Certified Master SEO Instructor by the Search Engine Academy and CEO and founder of SEO Training SW.
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