My Secret Weapon; SEO Scout

A quiet technology revolution – one that will radically change the way the Internet works – is likely to catch the world off guard. It involves the “semantic web” – a way of organizing and presenting web content not as documents but items of data that are linked by both meaning and relationship
– Tom Lube, Harvard Business Review, February 2009

I first heard about the semantic web in a presentation by Michael Marshall in 2004 at a Search Engine Academy Workshop. I have to admit when I first heard Michael explain the semantic web, latent semantic indexing, natural language processing and how Google’s algorithm was being tuned in for this new type of search I was totally confused. So let me explain it in a way that I understand this all works and hopefully it will make sense to you also.

Google, Yahoo, MSN and all the other major search engines already have an catalog of content indexed on the Internet. This content includes web pages, video, computer files such as Word/Excel documents, PDF’s, flash documents, databases, images and a whole bunch of other stuff.

The only common denominator between all this content are words/phrases that can further be broken down into tags, keywords or words/phrases on a webpage/website.

Search engines scan this content, builds a relationship and then indexing it into their search engines. Therefore when you type in a question, phrase or keyword into the search engine it scans its databases and provides you with a result (SERPS) based upon the content and context.

Ok, so the question I’m sure that you’re asking yourself right now is “How do I know what the proper content/context is for the articles/videos/web pages that I’m publishing so the search engines can find me?”

I often found myself asking this same question until Michael gave me access to a program he developed called Theme Master. This web based program allowed the user to type in their keyword and it would scan the top 100 websites indexed by Google and then create a spread sheet of keywords and keyword phrases in order of importance. The user would then edit an existing piece of content that they already had online or create a new piece of content and upload it to the net.

As a member of the Search Engine Academy and an associate of Michael we kept this program a closely guarded secret the first year. This gave me ample time to revise content that I already had online and to create new content to slaughter my competition.

Six months after using Theme Master eight of my websites were ranked on the first page of Goggle for the keyword phrase “Radar Detectors.”

Word eventually leaked about Mike’s program but I had such a lead no one could touch me and I continued using this program on my Internet properties until I sold the network.

After the sale I continued using Theme Master on several of my client’s properties with the same success. However a short time later Michael sold Theme Master to another outfit and his commitment to the product ended. The new owners were only concerned with one thing, making money and their loyalty to our Internet marketing community sucked! It was so bad that users started jumping ship and the new owners were forced to flip the switch and turn it off.

After this several smart SEO professionals figured out how to do Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) by hand and they taught this skill to others in seminars that often cost over $2000.00. The process was laborious and took hours, but the results were equivalent to Theme Master.

At the same time other Internet Marketers were beating on Mike’s door, calling him, emailing him, and pleading with him to come up with an alternative program. However Michael’s hands were tied, there was a no compete clause in the sales contract for Theme Master.

Well good news Guys and Gals the no compete clause has ended and Michael has just released his new LSI program, SEO Scout .

As an insider to Michael and the Academy I had my first look at SEO Scout several weeks ago and I was blown away! This program did everything that Theme Master did but 100 times faster and better!

I’ve been biting my tongue for the last three weeks wanting to tell everyone in our community the power of this program and now I can. Sit down, relax and watch this seven minute video, I’m sure that your going to be blown away not only about the program, but that you can also get and use it for FREE!!

Certified Master SEO Instructor by the Search Engine Academy and CEO and founder of SEO Training SW.
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