My Biggest StomperNet Take Away Ever!

It’s hard to describe what StomperNet in only a few words to those not familiar with our community of hard core Internet Marketing entrepreneurs, but I will try my best.

Imagine having at its core the brightest teachers and leaders in their respective niches spanning the entire landscape of online and offline marketing such as blogging, SEO, PPC, video, podcasting, web design, print advertising and coding. Then imagine these same experts assemble their BEST material providing it to members in a vast video library while also offering one on one coaching.

I’ve been a Stomper since it’s inception in 2005 when my good friend and then mentor; Jerry West introduced me to the StomperNet program.

One benefits of being a Stomper is attending their conferences which are normally held every six months in Atlanta and I flew out last Thursday to attend my seventh StomperNet conference.

Friday morning Andy Jenkins, the CEO of StomperNet took the stage welcoming the 350 plus members and guests in attendance and gave a brief rundown of the presentations his staff had lined up.

Andy then asked the attendee’s to stand up if this was their first StomperNet conference they’ve attended. Over 1/3rd of the attendee’s stood. Andy then asked them to sit down and then asked for those who had attended two conferences stand up. Another third of the audience stood up. Andy repeated this for the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth group as the number of people standing grew smaller and smaller.

When he finally called my group being the seventh StomperNet conference ever attended I stood among six other Stompers.

While I was standing a newbie sitting behind me remarked “You haven’t figured out how to do this yet, is that why your still here? ”  As I sat I turned and replied, “They helped me take my business to a level where I sold it for a few million and now I’m helping my clients to do the same. If at anytime you figured that you learned everything, I or someone else will come in and take you out. You never stop learning.

A few others who heard our exchange gave me thumbs up.

The first presentation was by Paul Lemberg titled; “Knowing What They Want, How to Design Products and Services Your Market Desperately Wants and Will Automatically Pay For.

For me Paul’s presentation was my biggest take away all the StomperNet presentations I’ve ever attended, I explain why.

Have you ever had a secret desire something that you really wanted to do but didn’t know where to start or perhaps had the fear of failure?

Now I’m not one to normally shy away from anything, as an example my passion for flying started way back in 1985 when I was a cop and assigned to the Air Smuggling Interdiction Squad. I enjoyed flying around the southwest with other pilots. But now imagine having the fear of heights, would you follow through?

This was the question I asked myself in 2007 almost twenty two years later, but took this fear and passion head on and followed through passing my FAA private pilot exam and buying my own plane.

However there is one project that I’ve always wanted to do was write a book and/or develop a DVD training series. One of the leading factors that led me to success with the Radar Buster’s network was my online articles. However I’ve wanted to take this to the next level however I was blocked by not understanding how or where to begin and secondly the what if’s I failed.

Paul first discussed the importance of having a passion for your product. Without question I love teaching others to become successful in the online marketplace and I do have a small niche of followers with our MeetUp group along with our other associates in the StomperNet community.

Paul then discussed framing your product your to fulfill your audiences wants and create what he called the “Zen of Wow.” Paul’s bullet point of this process included:

  • Having a product or service that stops you in your tracks
  • The product/service exceeds your perceived value; you didn’t expect that it would be this good.
  • Going the distance with your client

Examples of a few successful “Zen in Wows” would include; Barack Obama, the Iphone, Tony Robins, Frank Kern.

Paul then discussed focusing on the range of products or services you could create by thinking about;

  • Doing what you love
  • Doing what you care about
  • Doing what you know, what you’re an expert about
  • What fits
  • What does your audience want
  • What ideas do you have
  • What is your mission

Research the Herd

One of the most important steps whether your starting a new business, creating a new webpage or developing a product or service is to survey the marketplace. Using some of Paul’s examples would be asking;

  • What is keeping them up at night
  • What is their most pressing problem
  • What problems are you trying to solve
  • What book or product would you like to see
  • Would you be willing to buy my book or my interactive DVD training guide

Interview the Experts

One thing all experts love to do is talk about the field that they are an expert in, in fact this is why others think they are an expert. Call them on the phone and explain to them you’re creating a new product or service about their subject and ask for their input.

Find the Holes

What is a popular product or service that you could do better? What subject is out there that you feel could be explained better?

Pay attention to Google’s AdSense ads like” “How do I…”

Watch for patterns; use Google trends, use Wordtracker

Get the Stuff!

When I ran the RadarBuster’s network I sold other people’s stuff, not my own.

Whenever the thought about creating my own book or interactive training series entered my mind the process of me actually having to creating it overwhelmed me. Sure I could outsource it, but I knew the quality wouldn’t fulfill my own expectations or my customer’s expectations.

I’ve envisioned my book being around 175 to 250 pages with each chapter being 10 to 20 pages.

I have also envisioned my book and/or interactive DVD training series taking the student through each step of the process explaining it in easy to understand steps that I used to create my network and other successful business while also introducing some of the characters behind the scene such as;

Lori – An expert in NLP (Neuro-Lingustic Programming) who helped me understand the process of creating trust and desire for my products/services.

Bill – Without question one of the best web designers that I had ever had the privilege of knowing and working with.  I was introduced to Bill by his father and my neighbor back in1996 while Bill was the CEO Southwest Interactive Design. To frame Bill as a web designer is truly a disservice as he is really an artist in his own right.

Jerry – The most systematic internet marketer I know. When I was an undercover cop I knew and understood the importance of knowing everything about my target to take them out to arrest them. Jerry helped me develop this same mindset in Internet Marketing. If Jerry targets your niche he will identify the market niche’s vulnerabilities and take it over.

Mark – An expert in social media. Mark is a complete opposite of me; he grew up on the streets of South LA as a gang banger. Mark first contacted me as a customer in 2004 to buy a radar detector and he was intrigued about my story being a cop selling radar detectors. Mark related that he was an expert in social networking and asked me why I didn’t have a Facebook, My Space or more importantly a message Forum and/or blog. Mark introduced me to his world which now I’m comfortable navigating within to identify and influence trends in my marketplace before my competition.

Nichole – One of my current project managers. To be successful in any business you need to have an army of professionals that you can call on to help you through various projects. In today’s marketplace we cannot afford to hire people within our companies and give them full time jobs. Just look what has happened to GM/Ford and other large American institutions going bankrupt paying for insurances, training and salaries. Today we need to learn how to outsource.  Nichole is one of most successful project managers and this weekend we had the opportunity to meet up at Stomper for lunch with her family for an impromptu interview.

So, please after reading this article and watching the video PLEASE share your thoughts?

Would you be interested in buying a step by step guide and DVD training series on how to build a successful online business just like Nichole, Tom the Safety Guru, Jim the Rock Guy and I Radar Roy have done?

  1. If you’re currently operating a website or online business what is keeping you awake at night, what would you like how to do better?
  2. If you’re not running an online business what is standing in your way? Is it money, time, commitment?
  3. What topics would you be interested in learning in a book or interactive DVD training series?
  4. Who do you identify as the experts in the industry that you would like me to interview and/or have commentary on in this training?

The Box to comment is just below this posting.

Certified Master SEO Instructor by the Search Engine Academy and CEO and founder of SEO Training SW.
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