Are You In the News?

Are you ignoring the power of newspapers, television and radio?

If so you’re not alone many Internet Marketers often overlook the importance of creating news releases to publicize their products and/or services,  blowing it off saying “who cares, my  company/website/life isn’t really that interesting.”

But pick any newspaper, read the blogs, they are full of stories of average Joe’s (the Plumber) doing something interesting that captures the editors interest and adds their story to their paper.

When I owned the RadarBusters network I would set aside a day a month to write about something that I felt would be interesting in my niche, prepare a news article and submit it to the various online news feeds.

One of my first articles was in 2001 and about the influx of photo radar and redlight cameras in the Phoenix area along with review of the various “scam” products that were being sold to the public.

I demonstrated that most of these products were totally ineffective at blocking out your photo. But also demonstrated a few of the products that actually worked and which I sold.

I submitted this article to PRweb and a few days later my article was picked up by several Midwest newspapers. However, I was not prepared for what happened next!

A telephone call from Keith Olberman’s agent asking me if I could be at the studios of KPNX-TV (Chanel 12 Phoenix) the following afternoon to do a live interview with Keith for the MSNBC show, Countdown.

My segment was the #2 news story on July 3rd, where I was interviewed on live TV about Photo Radar. As my picture aired coast to coast on national TV an overlay was below me introducing me to a nationwide audience as “Radar Roy” along with my website

This very same week I received additional calls from the Fox Network for a news story which appeared on their affiliate news stations across the US, along with radio interviews.

Sales for that one week increased 500% and I became branded as the national expert in traffic enforcement.

This celebrity status now allowed me to cultivate relationships with news editors who often called me for my views on other newsworthy items.

As an example, a newspaper journalist from New Haven Connecticut called me one afternoon asking the legal requirements in certifying and calibrating police radar equipment. As I retired in law enforcement after a 20 year career and certified as a traffic radar instructor I explained to her that the International Chief of Police Association requires a police radar gun and tuning forks calibration and certification once a year.

The journalist investigative report published on the front page the following morning showing that the Connecticut State Police had not followed these requirements of certification/calibration tests in the last five years, referencing me and my website as an expert. Her investigative report forced the dismissal of over 1,000 speeding tickets in the courts. Another follow up was published labeling me and my website as the “whistle blower” and hundreds of orders from the New Haven area followed suit.

I’ve been published in numerous magazines that include; American Iron, Exotic Autos, Two Wheel Tuner.

I’ve appeared on numerous television news stations that include; CNN, FOX, IPN, and CBS


Ok, what was my secret in developing my news releases, here goes:

1-  What is your company’s main point of difference from your competitors, what makes it stand out?

For me it was the retired cop who joined the “dark side” and reviewed speed counter measure equipment and gave free tips on how to beat your traffic ticket.

2 – Why are your products and/or services better than your competitor?

I really went to the edge on this, I created a website where I offer a $50.000.00 reward to ANYONE that can show me one of my competitors products that actually work as advertised. If you go to this website, click on the “What the Experts Say” tab to  see all my national television news interviews.

3 – What makes you stand out from the rest is your product/service unique? Exciting? Boring?

Even if you think you’re a boring CPA play this up to something like “I’m so boring that I put the IRS tax accounts to sleep, which result in the dismissal of my client’s reviews”

4 – Are you going to the edge? To be truly controversial people are either going to like you or hate you, there is no in between. Make a statement, but be ready to stand up for what you say, the media and public hates wimps!

Please be sure that you can back up whatever you say or do, if you’re ever caught in a lie or something hurtful it will haunt you forever, case in point. When I ran the Radarbusters network I would perform a test of all the radar detector products and invite manufactures and enthusiasts to the test. A competitor felt this would be a good time and place to sabotage my efforts.

They placed four police radar guns powered by remote batteries in the vicinity of my testing site as a method to invalidate my test.

However, the RadarTest . com competitor was so stupid that he placed these devices in a cardboard box that had shipping labels to his home.

These devices were found by the enthusiasts and manufactures while they were videotaping their hunt.

The following morning these videos went viral in the speed counter measurement community and his branding as the “National Expert” was thrown out.

5 – Is there a colorful character in your company? You don’t have to be a Radar Roy an Orville Redenbacher or a Lee Iacocca you just have to be a little offbeat, fun, engaging.

I have a client who sells tire pressure monitors from their website Dwayne in his 70’s and knows squat about the Internet. However his picture and his story have been branded and embraced in the tire safety community as being the expert. Because of his celebrity status in his niche he is often called upon for information.

6 – Are you or your business associated with any charities? Are you a member of a charity or school that helps in an unusual way? Do you get involved with your community?

I’m the founder of an organization called “Cops Who Care” an organization comprised of active and retired police officers that help at risk kids.

Family Circle Magazine recognized me as being one of “Ten Who Care” and featured a three page article about me and my organization in their December 1999 issue.

In 2000 the Wickenburg Chamber of Commerce presented me with the volunteer of the Millennium for my charitable work in Wickenburg.

In 2002 the Arizona Republic labeled me their “Hero of the Week” for my charitable work in helping at risk kids.

In 2003 I was featured on the Crime Stoppers TV show working with underprivileged and at risk children.


Here is a press release that I released today using my tips and I’m excited to see what new doors of opportunity open ahead for ALL of us now using my formula for success….

If you’re ready to become an Internet sensation yourself sign up NOW to receive more of my FREE SEO training and Internet Marketing Tips on the form on the top right of this page.

Certified Master SEO Instructor by the Search Engine Academy and CEO and founder of SEO Training SW.
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