Stop Selling – Create Lust!

One of my biggest mantras when I owned and operated the RadarBusters network of websites was “I don’t sell radar detectors, I sell Radar Roy and the experience”

My internet business really took off after I developed a mindset that I wasn’t selling radar detectors on my websites, what I was selling was the “Radar Roy” persona and the “Fantasy Result” of not getting tickets.

“Radar Roy” became the expert in the radar detector arena and grew to be the fourth most used term when searching for a radar detector.

As “Radar Roy” became the trustworthy source in the industry I was able to create the “Fantasy Result” of using the products that I offered on my website(s).

My customers really didn’t care as much as what each detectors features were, they were more interested in the “Fantasy Result” of being able to cruise down the highway without getting tickets.

Here is an example that Wal-Mart used in split visual slip testing of three photographs to sell lawnmowers.

Photo One: A photo of a lawn mower
Photo Two: A photo of a guy pushing a lawn mower
Photo Three: A photo of a guy lying in a hammock with a green manicured lawn and a lawnmower sitting to the side.

Which one of these photos captured the “Fantasy Result”? Which one had the highest conversions? Yes, it was the guy lying in the hammock.

Another good example of the “Fantasy Result” is used by Blentec with their “Will It Blend” Social Media campaign.  Here the CEO blends 2×4’s, IPhones, marbles in a blender.

The point of this is that in the customers mind they are not thinking of the features of the product, or the benefits of the product. But he is FANTASIZING about the dramatic and sometimes unreasonable results they will receive by using your product.

Creating lust for your particular product or service is discussed in much more detail at both my Essentials SEO Workshop and my Advanced Workshop, sign up now for my next class to learn more.

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