Network with Success – SEO/SEM Mastermind.

Every successful Internet marketer I know participates in at least one Mastermind, I participate in two!

While I was the CEO of my RadarBuster’s online empire I didn’t have the time to attend many of the Internet Marketing symposiums scattered throughout the US and found that reading Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimizations forums was a complete waste of my time.

However I realized that I needed to network with other successful Internet Marketers to be successful in the competitive landscape of Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing. Therefore I joined my first Mastermind.

Each week successful online business owners just like yourself and consultants would discuss projects and share input over the phone.

I was blown away about the information and skills that I learned and still learn today with my participation in these Mastermind calls.

Participation in some of these Masterminds doesn’t come cheap! The least expensive one that I personally participate in costs $320.00 a month.  One online video training consultant that I have taken training from charges $1495.00 a month!

My Mastermind is FREE!

Graduates of our Search Engine Training Workshops are invited to participate in our Mastermind calls that are normally held in the evening*

Essential Workshop – Students are eligible to participate in the three Mastermind calls following our class.

Advanced Workshop – Students are eligible to participate in the eight Mastermind calls following our class.

At the end of your free subscription to my Mastermind you can then evaluate if you’re interested in becoming a paid member and take advantage of my discounted rate of only $50.00 a month.**

* (Days/Times schedules subject to change based upon availability)
** Discounted rate only applies to continued participation with the Mastermind

Certified Master SEO Instructor by the Search Engine Academy and CEO and founder of SEO Training SW.
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5th February 2009 1 Comment

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