Local Search – Is Your Business On The Map?

site-mapsMillions of searches are done online each day for specific products and services, are you on Google/Yahoo’s map, will you be found in Local Search?

Today there are more Internet users accessing the Internet using mobile devices then traditional desktop and laptop devices. And this increase of mobile users are expected to grow expediently as mobile GPS devices tap into wireless Internet networks providing a whole new menu of services such as coupons and daily specials at stores local to your area.

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, AOL, or MSN have replaced the Yellow Pages as the method of choice to search, compare, research and buy.

There are several ways for local businesses to market their company to the communities they serve such as pay-per-click advertising, Google/Yahoo maps, local search directories, online video, social media and the local search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN.

The first step to capture your local audience is to have an Internet presence such as a website or blog. The more information you provide to prospective clients the greater chance you’ll have to convert them into customers. One point to also consider during development of your website, will it be mobile friendly? If you’re site is a WordPress website (such as ours) there are plug ins that you can install to detect a mobile user and serve the properly formatted page(s) to the user.

Next, sign up with Google Local and Yahoo Local services and get on their map. You’ll be required to provide a call back number and the mailing address that they will use to confirm that your entry is legitimate.

Now build up your Internet presence by joining social media websites such as Hubpages and Squido and post articles about your company, products and/or services with links back to your main website.

Then you may want to consider joining some of the other local search directories such as InfoSpace and Local.com.

And then consider setting up a Pay-Per-Click campaign using regional keywords and settings.

At both my two day Essential and three day Advanced SEO Workshop, I go into much more detail on how you can take advantage of the local search landscape to dominate your competition, SEO training schedule and registration here!

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