Is your Site on Target, Do your Website Visitors Fail To Take Action?

One of the biggest common concerns I hear from new students is “If I could just get 50% more traffic to my site I could increase my sales by 50%”

My response is how many of your current visitors don’t respond to your call to action? What is the exit rate from your sales page? If you can convert just 20% of your current visitors from your sales page wouldn’t that mean more money in your pocket?

If you’re happy with response rates of 1- 4% from your online marketing campaigns (on a par with junk mail response rates) then frankly you need to re-examine your online goals.

Visitors are not coming to your website with hopes that your products and/or services will fulfill their needs. The message that you provide governs on how they behave.

When I owned and operated the Radarbusters network of websites, my top performing pages converted better than 10%! Today I have a squeeze page that visitors must enter their name and email address to get a free report and my exit rate is only 40%.

These conversion rates didn’t happen overnight, they took days, weeks and sometimes months to review and test through various analytic programs.

The result is worth the effort!

When you have the right blend of keywords, imagery and emotional triggers on you sales page your customers will take notice and will start hitting your buy button and/or entering their information into your form(s). Conversions will go up, sales will go up, the page/sites stickiness will increase and then your rankings will increase.

Tom Wilkerson, the CEO of attended one of our Workshops and implemented these simple steps on his site. Within days his conversions tripled and the within a few short months his rankings in the search engines also increased significantly, which then led to a tenfold increase of income.

This simple process is one of few that I explain in more detail at both my Essentials SEO Workshop and my Advanced Workshop, sign up now for my next class to learn more.

Certified Master SEO Instructor by the Search Engine Academy and CEO and founder of SEO Training SW.
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6th February 2009 3 Comments

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