How to Create Your First Affliate Account

I had a few members of our Arizona SEO Training Meetup members contact me over the weekend who watched my last video on doing competitive research and commented that they felt it was a great video but asked if I could put together a similar video on how to create an affiliate account.

I thought what a great idea, so tonight I put a ten minute presentation together.

I comment in the video and I want to reinforce this prior to you watching the video that yes, there are lots of people that make LOTS of money doing affiliate advertising, however in my experience they are an exception to the rule.

My is an affiliate site and generally it brings in around $500.00 to $800.00 a month.

I find the real benefit of having an affiliate site is to “test the waters” for your niche market before you dive right in. If you can get your website up to five to ten sales per week consider setting up your own shopping cart on your website and selling the product(s) yourself. Then instead of making say 10% per sale you can now make 40 to 50% of the sale.

If you’re just starting out with your first site set a goal of perhaps 200 visitors per week with a 2% conversion within the next three months. Then once you reach this level set a higher goal of say 400 visitors and a 3% conversion.

Poll your clients find get their feedback on how you can improve your website and other items that they would consider purchasing on your website.

What are your thoughts about affiliate marketing and/or this post? I would love it if you can add a short note in the affiliate comment area below…

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25th February 2009 6 Comments

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