How to Achieve Success with your SEO Career

My first entry into becoming a fully fledged member of the Internet Marketing community was way back in 2002 when I attended my first Search Engine Workshop training class hosted by the Search Engine Academy .

It’s kind of fun looking back to those early years of SEO and Internet marketing and I often find it quite amazing on the how far our community has grown and the successes my classmates have had in this short period of time.

I remember my first morning sitting in the seo workshop completely naïve about search engine optimization and Internet marketing.

The reason I was there was because I hired some outside SEO firm that called me on the phone several months prior offering me promises of taking over the number one position in Google in 60 days as long as I handed over a $10,000.00 check to them.

I’ve always felt that never in a million years being a retired cop with a background in white color crimes would I fall for a con artist. But for some reason I thought I could trust this caller, heck he offered me a 60 day money back guarantee if my site wasn’t ranked #1 in Google.

Then 90 days later disaster hit!  My site was banned from Google because this firm used something called “black hat seo”.

Sitting next to me was Mark, a middle aged dentist from New Jersey. Mark was fed up screaming kids and people who hated to be reminded that it was time for their annual dental check-up. He was looking for a career change.

Sitting across from us were Jerry an Andy. Both were interested in offering Internet Marketing consulting services to their small client base.

A brotherhood formed between us since our first meeting and we’ve all become very successful in our own little niches.

Mark (whose tag line has been “Hey, I’m only a dentist “) went on to becoming one of the most successful affiliate marketing people I know in our community. His network includes industry giants such as Dish Network, DirectTV and Comcast.

Jerry went on to form the company SEO Revolution where he provides SEO and Marketing advice to advanced Internet marketers and corporations.

Andy went on to form Andy Beal’s Marketing Pilgrim where his niche is online reputation management.

And of course there is my success in resurrecting from the dead my RadarBusters website after Google’s ban and building out a network of over 45 other websites that dominated my industry, which was later acquired by a competitor for over seven fiqures.

Now you may be asking yourself what led our little rag tag group to become so successful in such a short period of time, this is understandable because I have asked this same question myself.

Our brotherhood became successful because none of us made the fatal mistake of focusing on selling or products or services. Instead of what we focused on were our customers and their success.

To fully apply your talents to in developing your online presence you need to make sure you’re giving the very best you have to the clients you have because if you do, you’ll keep those customers for years and year.

Please remember this one golden rule if nothing else; “It is easier to sell your product or services to a customer you already have a relationship with, then selling your product or service to a new customer.”

Secondly, if you’re not fully on top of the latest search engine optimization trends, you need to make sure you are and fast! How much you know and how well you use what you know will affect how well you do with your clients. I’m learning every single day! What you need to do to stay on top of the latest trends and be at the top of your game is to get training, study on your own, or have a mentor. (Still today I have two mentors)

You need to keep improving your SEO and Internet marketing skills so you can help your customers in the best way possible. The more you know and can apply what you know to make money for your clients, the more money you’ll make.

To have good success you need to believe in what you are doing. How are you doing right now with the profit sharing idea? You wouldn’t believe how much money I’ve made from profit sharing.

Have you proposed profit sharing deals? By profit sharing I mean proposing a deal where you own a piece of your client’s company in return for helping them grow based on your SEO skills. Look, you can make some great deals if you start thinking this way. So start thinking about it now!

Along the lines of not just thinking about selling, another thing you should think about is helping a charity or nonprofit agency without charging for it. I’m the founder of an organization called Cops Who Care. Our organization is comprised of active and retired police officers that help at risk children. I developed their website and also provide free SEO services to the organization as a way to raise money for our charitable efforts.

Another benefit that I have realized is doing this type of free work can help you because many important people in your community work also with charities and word will spread to others about the good work you do.

Keep studying and learning about SEO and Internet marketing so you can keep applying the latest methods you learn about. If anyone would have told me I could be living the good life the way I am now, I would have never believed it.

When it comes to achieving success with your new career, consider taking live training- or taking training online. The time you invest in this training will pay you back big time!

Another key to success is something I learned in my career- make sure the people you listen to and learn from have the real knowledge to help you. There are many people who claim to be experts but aren’t really. Pick the right people.

One other suggestion, limit your time on the SEO and Internet Marketing forums, they are big time wasters.

Here’s another tip for you- don’t undersell yourself and undercharge for your services. Get paid what you’re worth if you know your stuff. But you need to be an expert. If you just charge high fees and don’t deliver the knowledge, word will travel quickly and you’ll lose customers fast.

You also need to set goals and track your success. Not doing that would be like me taking off in my plane without going over my preflight checklist and not knowing the destination. And when you do succeed as your customers have success, celebrate that success with your customers. Look, if it wasn’t for your customers, you wouldn’t have succeeded.

When it comes to your success, look for ways to genuinely help others. But avoid those who are just interested in picking your brain just because of what you know.

Always examine what you are doing and if you need to change. I constantly adapt and change my approach as I learn new information. If you are getting poor results from what you are doing you need to try something else.

Don’t make the mistake of some people who constantly complain about their life but they never take the steps required to achieve success. I achieved my success because I took action. You can succeed in your SEO career if you do it in the right way.

Now are you ready to step into a new and profitable career in SEO and Internet Marketing? If so take the next step and sign up for my free SEO tip of the day or register for my next SEO training workshop NOW!!

Certified Master SEO Instructor by the Search Engine Academy and CEO and founder of SEO Training SW.
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