Getting Ready to Launch

This past week my team and I have been hard at work getting this site ready for launch. We have a few minor details in cleaning up the CSS, adding a few new posts, but we are close…..

This coming week I’m hoping to finalize my agreement with the Search Engine Workshops and start scheduling our first workshop for late March, early April.

Today I spent some time putting together a few “traffic magnet” videos that we will launch after the site goes live. As I’ll be teaching SEO and SEM, figured that I should use some of the “tricks” I developed while I operated RadarBusters.

The purpose of a “traffic magnet” video of course is to get it indexed high in the search rankings. However, a more importantly you want this video to be interesting and engage the viewers to action.

The first step of producing a “traffic magnet” video is to do the research on what is currently out there in your marketing niche. There is one SEO marketing firm in Phoenix that makes superb videos for his website and his clients websites and I had the opportunity to meet him last week at an advanced Adword’s training session.

We compared notes on how we launch a video campaign and although our methods are similar, we both use different platforms and methods to optimize them and submit them.

The second step is to write out an interesting script with a call to action, record it using a high quality microphone and then place it into your video editor.

The third step is to find interesting photographs, video clips and/or clip art that you’ll place into the video.

Next, find music and time the fade ins and fade outs to your audio script.

Produce the video and then optimize it for submission to the various video sites that are available.

Here are two of the video’s we completed today;

During the advanced three day workshops I’ll be reviewing in more detail on how to produce a video, how to optimize it, how to upload it to the various video hosting sites and finally how to ping them and bookmark them to improve indexing.

Certified Master SEO Instructor by the Search Engine Academy and CEO and founder of SEO Training SW.
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9th February 2009 6 Comments

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