Creating Tribes of Raving Fans

Last night I stayed up late to publish the “Core Influence ” post about the importance of knowing who your core customer is. Then this morning I received an e-mail from a new member of my radar detector tribe who thanked me for taking the time to respond to HIS questions, commenting that I earned his business.

This e-mail from John is a perfect example of knowing who your core customer is and how to engage them especially since I’ve sold my Radarbuster’s network over two years ago!

az-seo-training My moniker “Radar Roy” became the third most used term in Google by perspective customers who were searching for radar detector reviews in Google four years ago. I was able to leverage my mark into this position over the years by becoming the world’s most recognized expert in the industry through TV and radio interviews the use of social media and press releases.

Once the per perspective client found out who I was they would seek out my website(s) and/or email addresses and contact me.

John first found out about me during my review of radar jammers and found out on my website that I offer a $50,000.00 reward to anyone that could show me a radar jammer that actually worked.

John became interested in learning more about me and my reviews so he typed “Radar Roy” into Google and found my personal blog in the first position in Google. He read my reviews and sent me a rather long email late last night with specific questions about a lower end radar detector. I replied to him that for only a few more dollars he could get a much better model also discussed some safety features that he was unaware of.

This morning I received this following response back from John:

What I find interesting in John’s post is:

1 – He thanks ME for convincing him to buy a radar detector that costs two times as much as the first one he selected.

2 – That I’ve earned his respect and business

3 – He will have to explain this all to his wife (but I already gave him the ammunition on my website(s) on how to do this)

4 – That I’ve created a new “raving fan” who will recommend me to his friends

When was the last time one of your customers thanked you for up selling a product they had no intention of buying?

How long have those customers messages been sitting in your email box? When was the last time you spoken to the clients last year that bought something from you? Are your products and/or services still fresh in their mind?

On this site, which only launched two weeks ago, I’ve already used this mojo to influence a new core audience who are interested in learning SEO and Internet marketing. Those who are interested in joining my tribe for free enter their name and email address in the “Free Tips” form.

But a select few who really want to become successful on the Internet (currently around 5%) sign up for my personal hands on SEO training workshop.

Are you committed to becoming a successful Internet marketer? If so become part of my SEO and Internet marketing tribe and sign up now for my next SEO training workshop .

Certified Master SEO Instructor by the Search Engine Academy and CEO and founder of SEO Training SW.
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26th February 2009 3 Comments

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